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Just get over yourself

Maddox de Bretteville, Sports Editor

February 4, 2019

Filed under Blast from the Past

Hello Brush and Palette readers! While looking over old archives of our school newspapers, we found an interesting article that we have decided to post below. It’s from the May 12 release of Brush and Palette from 2010. The arti...

Mr. Cao interview

Mr. Cao interview

January 30, 2019

Top 5 best chain restaurants

Ellie Ford, PR Manager

January 22, 2019

Filed under Food Reviews

In and Out Raising Cane's Auntie Anne's Pretzels Chick fil a Dominos ...

Pumpkin spice lattes are overrated

Ellie Ford, PR Manager

January 22, 2019

Filed under Food Reviews, Opinions

As fall approaches, the weather gets colder, the leaves change colors, and the days get shorter.  At the first sign of fall, people get excited, because now they are able to get their favorite seasonal drink, a pumpkin spice...

A honest jack in the box review

Ellie Ford, PR Manager

January 22, 2019

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Jack in the Box is one of the only fast food restaurants in Laguna.  Some love it, some hate it. If you are looking to eat a gigantic grease bomb this is the restaurant for you.  When I went to Jack in the Box, my family ordered ...

First man movie review

Christian Yates, Graphic Designer

January 22, 2019

Filed under Movie/ Book Reviews

First Man, a biopic directed by Damien Chazelle, focuses on the career of Neil Armstrong. The picture shoots for the moon, hits most of the marks, but misses by a meter. First Man released on October 12th, and will be out for Bl...

Car Spotlight: Safari Porsche

Maddox de Bretteville, Sports Editor

January 22, 2019

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Porsche. The name alone means so much. Expensive. Fast. Powerful. Porsches have built a strong reputation for being the fastest and prettiest cars on the market for a long time. Yet, there is a side of Porsche that many may n...

How does technology help?

Kai Arellano, Graphic Designer

January 22, 2019

Filed under Technology

There are many upcoming writers today within our district. There are many different things technology can do for writers but how does it help?   Colette Reed Q: Do you use Google Docs? A: I do use google docs, and I l...

Put an end to tests and quizzes

Luke Teeple, Web assistant

January 21, 2019

Filed under Mercer's Opinions

In college, students take exams once a semester. There are no tests or quizzes. So, if high school is supposedly preparing you for college, why do students take quizzes and tests along with finals. Some teachers say that students...

Mental Health

George Saba, Reporter

January 17, 2019

Filed under Healthy ideas for a healthier lifestyle

Mental health is often overlooked and undermined. In my opinion, mental health is more important than physical health because the brain is the most powerful muscle in the body, and if that isn’t satisfied, then the rest of you...

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