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The Grove sits empty with boarded up windows and a For Lease sign. The Grove used to be a key cafe in Laguna. Soon, the majority of our previously beloved places will look like this without our help.
Local businesses jeopardized amidst pandemic
Uma Bhatia and Oscar Jacquez | December 12, 2020

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on the world’s economy. Consequently, Laguna Beach has seen the closure of many of our favorite places. The Grove, despite being a popular and widely-adored cafe on Forest Avenue, closed down amid this harsh economic atmosphere. Practically all...

The high school quad lacks its usual vibrancy from student activity. Students were last on campus in regular attendance on March 12 this year.
LBUSD responds to delay in school reopenings
Kai Arellano, Carly Rohrer, and Maddox de Bretteville | November 24, 2020

From the initial move to distance learning last March to the implementation of the trimester plan, LBUSD and our entire community have faced uncertainty and demonstrated ongoing adaptability. At the beginning...

Every male athlete has access to the lockers under the Duggar Gym to store their clothing and equipment. Student theft is a recurring issue; numerous students experienced similar thefts last year as well.
Football player’s lockers swiped during practices
Maddox de Brettevillle, Sports Editor
Our Town Review
Our Town Review
Olivia Longoria and Uma Bhatia | November 12, 2019

If you think Laguna Beach is a small town, then take a look at the LBHS production, Our Town, set in Grover's Corner, New Hampshire. The story follows a romantic tale of two star-crossed lovers and how...

From left to right: Students Yuwa Tennen,  Mathilde Levine, Dahlia Tahrazi, Luka Salib, Cosette Basto, Jordan Trautwein, and Aubrey Kansriddle in 1989.
"Celebration" rocks Laguna Artist's Theater
Finley Flanagan, Outside Reporter
The student news site of Laguna Beach High School
The student news site of Laguna Beach High School