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Across the front pages of numerous publications in 1952, Christine Jorgensen was celebrated both as a World War II veteran and a transgender actress. 70 years later, trans people are demonized in the media.

Equipping teachers with tools to talk to Trans youth

Oliver Behunin, Brush and Palette Outside Reporter
April 5, 2023
People Like Me - Legacy Poem

“People Like Me” – Legacy Poem

Sonia Salado, Brush and Palette Outside Reporter
October 14, 2022
(Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C., 20540 USA)

I heavily admire and applaud the infamous Lolita Lebrón, a Puerto Rican nacionalista that performed a coup d’etat on American House of Representatives in the name of freeing her country from the regime of an exploitative domination that pushed her home country into poverty. Upon arrest, she is quoted as saying, “Yo no vine a matar a nadie, yo vine a morir por Puerto Rico!” or “I didn’t come here to kill anyone, I came here to die for Puerto Rico!” Lebrón is only ever mentioned as a footnote in history books, but I think her bravery and dedication are worth mentioning much more.

What being Latinx means to me

Viennay Garrido Medina, Brush and Palette Outside Reporter
September 26, 2022
Becoming aware to combat the Anti-Asian violence

Becoming aware to combat the Anti-Asian violence

Madison Duong, Public Relations Manager
March 21, 2021
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