Two brothers take on LBHS together

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Two brothers take on LBHS together

Grace Sauers, PR Manager

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In the whirlwind of high school, from work and classes to social lives, we often forget to stop and appreciate our wonderful and hardworking staff here at LBHS. Brothers, campus supervisors and coaches Rus and Tim Soobzokov are examples of the admirable and hard-working individuals committed to our growth and well-being.
“My time here at LBHS has been great. I work and interact with a phenomenal group of kids, faculty and staff. Who wouldn’t love this place?” said Tim Soobzokov.
Laguna Beach High School has a long line of students turned faculty and staff. This is the case for Rus and Tim Soobzokov, who create a safe and healthy learning environment for students after having attended this school themselves.
“We both are alumni, and it feels good to work with students in our own community that we grew up in,” said Rus Soobzokov.
However, the brothers didn’t always plan to work in their hometown or be campus supervisors and coaches.
“I had been coaching basketball here for a few years, and when a campus supervisor job opened up two years ago, I applied, and luckily I was given the opportunity to work more closely with the students and staff. Thanks to coach Fleming and Bob Billinger for the opportunity to work more closely with the students and staff,” said Rus Soobzokov.
Tim’s time at LBHS is in line with his future plans.
“After graduating from law school and after a few unsuccessful attempts at the California Bar Exam, I decided to look into other career paths—one of which is to be a teacher and coach. When my brother informed me of the campus supervisor job opening, I thought it would be a great way to get my foot in the door of an amazing school district while I work towards getting a teaching credential. Shortly after being hired, I was also blessed to get a position on the Breaker Baseball coaching staff,” said Tim.
We would like to thank the Soobzokov brothers, as well as the rest of the LBHS staff for working everyday to make the environment here at LBHS happy and secure.
“What I like is that our campus supervisors are really willing to do whatever it takes to help the school and the kids. They are really good at connecting with students, being more than just rule enforcers,” said principal Chris Herzfeld.

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