Mr. Carlson is RAD!


Brock Donaldson, Opinions Editor

Mr. Carlson is our assistant principal who had his first year this year at LBHS. He’s been an awesome addition to our school and has brought energy and a positive spirit to campus. I really like the speech he gave at the beginning of the year where he talked about spirit over status. Now that he has a year at LBHS under his belt, I had the opportunity to ask him some questions about his “rookie year”.

Q:  With a school year under your belt, what pleasant surprises can you share regarding LBHS?

A: “One of the things I’ve been most impressed with this year is the amount of student spirit here and how much the kids support each other”.

Q: If someone outside of Laguna asked you to describe the LBHS student body, how would you respond?

A: “As all the students on campus know, I feel like Laguna Beach is the greatest high school on earth. I think that we’re lucky to get to go here. What makes it the greatest school on earth is the students that go here, there hasn’t been a student that’s let me down this year when it comes to positivity and supporting his or her peers and I’ve built really great relationships with them. The amazing young men and young women I see on this campus are just really impressive”.

Q: What achievements have you played a role in this school year?

A: “My goal on a daily basis is to be a really positive presence on this campus, and my hope is that that little bit of positivity each day can go a long way in students and staff members lives in making LBHS a positive place to be every day. Another area I’m really proud of is the amount of support that we give on a daily basis to our students that are in need of it. Whether it be academic support, social-emotional support, or behavioral support, whatever it is, this place does an amazing job of supporting students and I’m really proud of what we’ve done this year”.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most regarding the next school year?

A: “From day one everyone has made me feel welcome here as a new member of the family, but next year what I’m looking forward to is knowing that much better how to navigate the job on a daily basis and do an even better job of supporting everyone here on campus. Whether it be families, students, or staff members, I’m looking forward to being more effective at what I do”.

Q: What challenges or goals do you have for our school that you will target next year?

A: “I think we’re always looking to make our school more inclusive, where everyone feels like it’s their home, and everyone feels like it’s a welcoming place. We’re always going to be working to get better at that and I think we can always get better at that”.

It’s been awesome having Mr. Carlson as a leader at our school this year and we’re super excited to get him back next year!