Senior Advice – Senior Edition 2023

B&P Staff

Tyler Montgomery Stay on top of your work.
Karsyn Crawford Try your best.
Avalon Bencz Don’t park in the district.
Kaelyn Rudolph Don’t stress about taking AP classes.
Lorenzo Lahijani Grind until you’re accepted by a college.
Jeremiah Kanter Don’t be afraid.
Kenna Rudolph Leave for lunch.
Camden Gilles Work hard the early years; it makes everything easier.
Jake Mauro Never flake on assignments.
Sal Ciulla Don’t take it for granted.
Rory Beckner Stay true to yourself and don’t pull your hair out, everyone has their own path.
Ryan Smith It’s better to check Canvas too often than to not check it enough.
Brady Bumgardner Get good grades, and have fun with others.
Will Goodwin Procrastinating isn’t that bad.
Griffin Naess Work hard and have fun.
Bijan Daneshmand Cherish every moment because this is one of the best times in your life.
Jackson Rodriguez Get your work done on time.
Jana Jocic Always check your blindspot.
Luke Meisberger Everything is going to work out. Don’t stress over things that you can’t control. And if you can’t control outcome of a situation, then control how you react.
Bella Rasmussen It was never that serious! 🙂
Andrew Kelleher Be organized and do your homework.
Hayden Gamble Stick it out!
Preston Patterson Make lots of mistakes in high school when you’re supposed to, don’t procrastinate your growth.
Hayley Holder Be on time.
Oscar Jacquez Try to leave as quick as possible.
Hana Hagen Be yourself, find the people who make you happy.
Emmy Holtschneider Do not stress over it too much, have fun!
Micah Chavez Don’t care about what other people think and just have fun.
Mimi Hartley Stay on top of their work, but also make time for friends. School is important but your mental health is, too. So if you feel you are getting overwhelmed by the amount of work, talk to your teachers and counselor to get some help. Also, take electives you actually enjoy.
Benji Jenkins Do your assignments on time, and everything else will be easier.
Benjamin Neufeld Just be chill.
Charlie Mott Focus on yourself and those who truly care and respect you.
Cadence Peery
Ethan Porter Get on your teacher’s good side.
Sean Nguyen Stay in school.
Natalie Ralston Get your stuff together.
Mia Denise Hernandez Turn in your homework.
Ethan Kfoury Try
Jett Hamil Chill
Jared Moline Don’t fall behind.
Noah Liao Don’t take the rest of the time you have in high school for granted.
Yodi Carrucciu Don’t care about what others think.
Andre Reese Turn in your assignments on time and don’t take a lot of APs.
Aidan Moss Don’t be mean to your teachers.
Gavin Zaengle Soak it in! It goes by fast.
Kamran Mohseni Take every year seriously, and don’t believe or partake in senioritis.
Charles Ordaz Learn to be humble.
Taylor Towe Live in the moment.
Aidan Malm Don’t get apples from the cafeteria.
Kaiyal Das Senioritis goes crazy.
Myles Freeman Take it one day at time, and before you know it, you will be done.
Coleman Judd Set an alarm you hate.
Oliver Thompson Just show up and do it, and you’ll life will be a lot less stressful
Luke Fazio Appreciate the time because it goes by so fast.
Noah Landa Slide on your opps.
Brandon Yee Cherish your time in the fun classes.
Natalie Sutton Tell yourself who you are before waiting for others to tell you.
May Chapman Test scores aren’t everything. Neither is GPA. Let yourself have a life outside of school, it won’t kill your future I promise.
Samuel Mendoza Do things now for future you.
Nicolas Moore Worry more about developing your skills instead of perfecting your grades. Your skills will be more important in the future.
Tiba Rouhi Focus.
Samantha Flores Don’t procrastinate.
Lily Gabora Don’t get senioritis. It’ll destroy you!
Cameron Kirstein Take advantage of CTE/CCA classes! They’re a great way to explore career options or to kickstart your education in an area you’re already interested in.
Alyssa Decker Don’t stress over your college admissions and applications too much. You’ll find the college that’s perfect for you in due time. Also, don’t be ashamed to attend a community college (some of us are money smart 😉 ).
Madison Duong Take duel enrollment courses at community colleges or CTE courses to develop interests in potential careers. Duel enrollment gets so many credits out of the way, and you’ll hopefully have a lighter schedule for your junior/senior year, which is when things get a lot more hectic.
Cole Curtis Do the homework, it’s not that bad.
Mason Herr Work hard and have fun!
Caleb Densmore Have fun! Time goes by quicker than you think it will.
Abigail Roedersheimer Participate in everything you want to and go to everything you want to go to. Don’t worry about what other people think because they aren’t thinking about you, and even if they are, they’ll forget about it.
Alex Boyd Do a sport.
Colin Kidd Submit all homework in on time.
Sam Garwal Take classes, volunteer, and work on things that you are passionate about.
Chris Hemsley Do college essays well before they are due.
Hannah Williams Follow a path that is best for you not what others expect of you.
Cleo Washer Befriend all the campus supervisors so you can get Starbucks during break… makes the day go easier.
Alea Dillow Take the advanced classes! Most of the time they’re fun and great for your GPA. Also, make sure to spend a lot of time outside when you’re stressed.
Luna Marriner Be with the people who enjoy who you are, not the people you act different around because that’s who they want you to be.
Marlene Schaffer Doodle in the margins. Doodle on your tests and on clipboards and on tables. Never stop creating; just make sure you don’t get caught.
Cruiz Lynn It’s never too late to try to pursue a post-secondary education of any kind. Keep striving for what you want to do in life after high school. I know you will be doing good and you will overcome over any obstacle in your way.
Logan Ribarich Stay on top of your sleep and your classes.
Sabrina Yang Start college apps early. Don’t try too hard. Have fun!
Chloe Lawson Don’t limit yourself.
Makenna Jenal It’s not that serious.
Gage Robben Keep your head up and don’t worry about grades too much.
Ella Smith Take your SAT early.
Scarlett Wheaton Only do community service you enjoy. Trust me, it exists.
Bella Rose Piskun Always make sure to study hard. Also, be kind to those around you.
Lila Goldstein Keep your grades up because it only gets harder.
AJ Rodriguez Keep your head straight no matter what, The ability to control your emotions in stressful situations is an incredibly powerful ability.
Hutton Ledger Advancing in a language is very useful, especially Spanish, because you earn native speakers’ respect.
James Golden Work hard your junior year so you can have fun during your senior year.
Euan Latimer
Make the most of your time in Laguna.
Kate Trevino
Don’t stress about needing to take difficult classes or be perfect, it all works out in the end.
Lauren Trautenberg Don’t stress! Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to even if it’s not what you pictured. Trust the process!
Ashton Azadian “Believe in yourself and you will be invincible.” – Ashton Azadian
Kate Motherway Walk on the right side of the stairs.
Rosabella Murphy Study for calculus.
Kayla Owen Make sure to challenge yourself academically but also remember balance is key.
Charlotte Riches
Don’t procrastinate your scholarship essays.
Emmy Regal Do what you want to do and actually don’t care what others think.
Chloe Duong Don’t sit in the planters, plan out classes that will relate to your future career goals, and take CTE/CCA classes.
Sai Machiraju
Push yourself and embrace challenges! Growth is achieved by taking on the unknown.
Luke Bruderer Absorb everything 😀
Dempsey Sadler Start your college applications during summer.
Zoey Cutter Stay on top of your grades but have fun (don’t let school overtake you)!
Nate Kuiper Do your work.
Tabi McBean Do well in school but don’t forget to have a social life.
Nina Rogers JOIN A SPORT (cross country specifically!)
Jackson Flemming Just relax, it will all work out
Emmie Fong Take APs in classes you are already good at, not ones you already struggle with.
Sylvie Henry Enjoy it because it goes by very, very quickly.
Baylor Lund Get the free food during break.
Brooklyn Yelland Participate in as many school events as possible, you will regret it if you don’t.
Claire Anderson High school is not that big a deal – don’t stress out about the little things
Ethan Zipstein Go to school everyday.
Ophelia Chapman Take a free period.
Tash Denny
Be friends with the staff members on campus.
Chanel Goddard Don’t stress over school.
Breea Hobrecht It is okay not to know.
Olivia Steiner Don’t overwhelm yourself with AP classes!
Henry Le Don’t be intimidated by upperclassman/older students.
Noah Zoller Take Multi-media and online classes.
Marco Wemyss Just be outgoing and nice to everyone. Give compliments and smiles to everyone!
Devyn Linder
Don’t stress out over grades. You’ll be fine.
Brisa Campos Enjoy the time you have left because it really does go by fast
Agata Shamis Please be humble and learn to love yourself.
Ava Griffiths Don’t take everything too seriously! Just enjoy the time you have here.
Sarah Balian Never stop believing in yourself, you decide your future!
Eleanor Ramsey Take a deep breath, you’re going to be fine.
Tripton Babcock Once you skip one homework assignment, you won’t stop
Isabella Yencho Be yourself
Sai Bassett Let it out.
Natalie Ralston Get your community service done.
Maximo Cossa Golia “It’s all make believe, isn’t it?”
Ryley McDennon Setting goals for yourself or making checklists are good ways to be successful and keep yourself accountable.
Eva Travis Don’t go to tutorial.
Katie Halvorson Don’t take anything for granted, soak in all the memories before its too late.
Rachael Dyrnaes If you can’t park ask for help instead of trying yourself.
Pearl Garcilazo Be respectful to teachers and they will be the same to you.
Lars Doring
Put effort towards your classes and anything you are interested in.
Courtney Kolodin Don’t let that person walk all over you just because they can it’s not worth it.
Rehan Ameen Don’t worry about what other people think. Your unique for a reason, let it shine!
Carter Ghere Find a group of good people that care about you and stick with them all throughout high school.
Kaydence Daeley My advice for underclassmen is to be an advocate for yourself. If you believe in you then anything is possible. Don’t rely on others to achieve your goals.
Scout Mitchell Enjoy it!
Ana Mani Strategically choose your classes.
Cameron Sayed Don’t give up.
Gracie Christian Have fun!
Eden Baghalzadeh Don’t procrastinate.
Uma Bhatia Be nice! Don’t leave other people out or treat them as lesser than yourself. If you’re nice to others you won’t have many regrets.


Note: This list is manually updated as seniors’ responses continue to fill in.