Express yourself: Artist Oliver Behunin to host a Zine Workshop

Oliver Behunin, Brush and Palette Outside Reporter

Brush + Palette: What is a zine? 

A zine is a cheaply made magazine. It’s a loose form of art that could have just about anything. By definition it is a noncommercial homemade publication. Most zines are underground and don’t get published.

B+P: Why did you decide to hold a workshop for LBHS students?

There is a need for creative expression in every person’s life. This workshop will teach people how to find something important to the individual and express that feeling of significance. Whether it’s music, sports, or politics, zines are made for everything. 

B+P: Where will it be held, and when?

The zine workshop will be Friday, February 10th in the library, room 3 during lunch.

B+P: What materials will I need to bring?

All materials are provided but if you’d like to bring materials you can.

B+P: What will the zine workshop entail?

This workshop will begin a little after lunch starts. I will give each person the option to fill out a before and after survey. Examples will be handed out. Then a demonstration on how to make a zine with one piece of paper. Finally the participants get 30 minutes to create a zine. 

B+P: Will the workshop invite participants to contribute to a group zine, or is the goal to provide the knowledge so that students can create their own individual zines?

The participants will be making their own zine.

B+P: What insights might you offer those who regard themselves as “right-brained” with limited experiences with creative expression? 

It’s ok to be bad at art. Art isn’t meant to be good. It should be a free form of expression for teens, an outlet, a place where they can’t be judged or told how things should be. 

B+P: Are there other upcoming events you’ll be involved in that we’d be interested in hearing about?

Yes, there will be another zine workshop at The Frida Cinema in Downtown, Santa Ana from 6-10 pm on February 4th.