Leaving the Laguna Bubble

Chloe Falk, Reporter

Laguna Beach is our little bubble. We fall so deeply in love with this quaint town that it becomes the place we call home for the rest of our lives. Even though our affection for this charming seaside town will never subside, we all need to escape our comfort zones at some point and submerge ourselves in diverse communities. It is only in this way that we can gain global awareness. 

Most residents here never make it very far, even if they try. I’m proof of this. Even though I find joy in traveling, I always tend to go to areas that are familiar and similar to Laguna Beach. 

I only understand the nature of this “Laguna bubble” because my mom experienced it herself. She was born and raised here with her three brothers, but she wanted to change. 

My mom wanted to leave this bubble and explore and experience another place. Being the only sibling to leave for college out-of-state, she attended Oregon State University, an entirely different environment than she had ever experienced. My mom fell in love with Oregon and stayed there for 16 years. However, she eventually returned because she wanted to raise her family in Laguna. 

From her experience, she’s given me the best advice: “Go away to college. Don’t stay here.” 

College is one of the only times when you may have a sufficient excuse to get out and experience different places for long periods of time. The great thing about it is that college is temporary. When you finish each school year, you can always come back. 

If you are considering going out-of-state to college, take the opportunity. My mom is always saying how getting out was so good for her; she made friends for life and found a second place to call home. So many incredible things can come from leaving our bubble and experiencing the rest of the world. I know that I will take my mom’s advice, and I encourage others to do so, as well.