New “Wellness Space” opening soon

Tatum Brennan, Health Editor

Laguna Beach High School is incorporating a “Well Space,” a new safe space on campus for students to step away from the classroom and take time for themselves. This room will be near the Artists Theatre and the Student Resource Office. Within this space, activities previously seen in the quad will now take place in the “Wellness Space.” 

“It will be the office for our Student Support Specialist and will be a place for our Peer Mentors to meet with students and host mental health and wellness-related activities and events,” said Alexis Mele, a counselor here at LBHS. 

Our district has become heavily involved in getting our students the necessary help to succeed. The top priority for the past several years has become mental health and wellness. 

“We’ve been discussing making something like this for almost two years but haven’t gotten serious until recently,” said LBHS principal Dr. Jason Allemann.

The idea came from a Children’s Health Orange County doctor, who recommended constructing a designated area to allow students in distress to find comfort away from a day’s routine schedule. Most students prefer to be in a quieter environment when feeling triggered, so this room will create an excellent atmosphere for students to take a few steps back from work. We should expect the “Wellness Space” to be open to all students within the next three months. Anyone can go to this area at any time throughout the day.

Mele touched on how the previous school she worked at had a similar concept that was very successful. Students primarily struggle in the following five areas: academic, social, emotional, and physical and mental wellness. Support staff will be available at the Well Space to help in all areas.

Our Peer Mentors will play a role alongside counselors and other specialists. Faculty emphasizes that this room will and should not become a place to skip class and pretend to “need a break.” Students are encouraged to use this space responsibly so that the people who genuinely need to find comfort can access the resources. 

“This space is intended to be tranquil yet uplifting, and I have high hopes that the Wellness Space will offer a retreat for our student body,” said Peer Mentor and Activities Specialist Mila Rafaty.