Meeting with LBHS’s 2022 Homecoming King and Queen: Jeremy Kanter and Lily Gabora


Courtney Kolodin

Jeremy Kanter and Lily Gabora walk with big smiles after being crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

B&P Staff

1. Were you surprised by getting nominated? How was that experience?

Jeremy: I was very surprised because I had no idea I was going to be nominated. I first found out only when all the ASB kids broke into my room and started playing very loud music at 5 AM. The experience was weird but fun in a way!

Lily: I felt so special being on the court, and it was even more amazing being the queen.

2. What is something not everyone would know about you?

Jeremy: I love physics and engineering relating to space science. I have always wanted to become an astronaut or work in the space industry.

Lily: I am the very first completely blind student to ever go to LBUSD.

3. What was your favorite part of Homecoming week?

Jeremy: My favorite part of Homecoming week was winning king and winning against Segerstrom on Friday during our Homecoming football game.

Lily: My favorite part of the week was being nominated as queen! It was a real honor.

4. How did you prepare for your court dance? Were there specific things you knew you wanted to be in the dance?

Jeremy: We prepared for the dance by receiving help from some of the ASB kids and other groups participating in the dances. From the start, we knew that I had to be doing crazy moves like backflips since the crowd loves those.

Lily: My partner and I practiced our dance after school and on the weekend.

5. How did you feel when you found out you won king/queen?

Jeremy: I felt very happy and surprised. I am new to this school, so being Homecoming king was astonishing, and I’m glad it happened.

Lily: Honestly, I was hoping that I would be nominated as queen, so I was extremely excited when it happened.

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