Laguna Beach Animal Shelter Q+A


Uma Bhatia, Opinions Editor

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Ann Marie McKay, President

PUP Laguna Beach


What inspires you to help the animals at your shelter? If I could save all animals in need, I would, but I know I can’t. What I CAN do is donate some of my time to help my community shelter do the work that is necessary to make a difference.

How do you find animals in need of help? Some are brought in as strays by animal control, but many of the animals were rescued from other shelters that have fewer resources to provide the care some of these animals need.

How did you come to realize your love of animals? It’s simply always been a part of me. I always had a dog growing up, and wherever I went, even as a small child, I was drawn to any animals around.

What happens to the animals if no one adopts them? Some live out their lives at the shelter, but most end up adopted by a shelter volunteer or employee.

Are you currently looking for high school volunteers to help at the shelter? While the shelter remains closed to the public, no. But once the shelter reopens, yes! 

If so, how do they sign up and what would their job be? LBHS students simply call or stop by the shelter to sign up for an available Saturday or Sunday morning. They assist staff with all opening tasks, such as cleaning the lobby, walking the dogs, brushing the animals, bathing dogs, and providing human socialization by spending time with the animals.

What is unique about the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter?  The Laguna Beach Animal Shelter is primarily staffed by volunteers, with only a handful of paid employees. The shelter is financially supported by the nonprofit PUP Laguna Beach, which enables the shelter to provide care that other shelters cannot, such as complex surgeries and extensive treatments. The Laguna Beach Animal Shelter is not an open-intake shelter; the shelter does not accept owner-relinquished pets. The Laguna Beach Animal Shelter is life-oriented; each animal is carefully assessed and treated to provide the best opportunity to be rehomed and live out its natural life; however, the shelter does euthanize animals when it is in the animal’s best interest to do so.

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