Creative Writing Club Q & A

Q: How does your club meet safely during the pandemic? 

A: We meet weekly over zoom.

Q: What short term and long term goals does your club have? 

A: Our short term goals are to write short paragraphs narratives or dialog conversations that relate to our genre of the month. Our long term goals are to encourage writers to expand on their skills and get comfortable with sharing their writings.

Q: Does your club give back to the community? If so, how? 

A: No, we don’t give back to the community, our club is purely for the students.

Q: What unique experiences or opportunities do members of your club gain? 

A: We cultivate writers and their different styles and allow them to share, intermingle and give them a set time to write because finding that creative time can be difficult.

Q: How might other clubs, admin, teachers, students, or broader community help you with your club? 

A: We love to have guest speakers, authors, people wanting to tell fascinating stories, anything that could inspire us.

Q: What does your club strive to solve or achieve? 

A: The Creative Writing Club exists in order to provide a safe, quiet space for students to explore a variety of genres of writing. We want to be there to support them in their development of characters, ideas and stories and in helping them out.

Q: What is unique about your club? 

A: Every month, we explore a new genre of writing from Young Adult to Thriller to Comedic.

Q: Is there an activity you all find particularly engaging? 

A: On particular activity that seems to be the groups favorite is writing sprints. These can last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour(which we did wo one time when we got really into it). Me or my vice president, Diego Lapayese-Calderon, come up with a topic relating to the month’s genre(an example would be for Mystery/Thriller month we wrote action sequences) and for certain increments of time, we all turn off our cameras and mics to writing in silence with no distractions. We can do only one or many throughout the meeting and then we share and give feedback.

Q: How did you come upon your club in the first place, or why do you uphold it? Was there a defining moment of experience that served as a call for action for you to take on leadership in this area? 

A: In middle school, my friends and I were the creative writing club and last year, when I joined the high school Creative Writing Club, I realized it was not what I had expected at all. It felt more like a second Dungeons & Dragons Club. But I did bond with the president who had had a very different vision for the club. After school had stopped, so did our meetings and I reached out to the club’s graduating president, requesting to make a new club for writers, only to discover he had already wanted to leave the club to me. Over the summer I planned for my new club and got some friends to join as well, only to earn six more members over the virtual club roundup. I personally love writing and am so glad I can share my work with my peers.