Learn more about this year’s staff with our song picks!

Madison Duong, Public Relations Manager

As the Brush and Palette team enters 2021 with wide eyes and bright opportunities, we wanted to share our top songs from the past year that have kept us in high spirits through these tough times and shaped who we are today. We hope you enjoy these amazing songs as much as we do!


Kai Arellano’s pick: “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” by Glen Campbell

One of our Editor-in-chiefs, Kai Arellano, loves listening to this country song to relax.

“It’s a kind of slow country song about a guy leaving his partner again, but this time, he thinks it’s for good. I really like the music, and it’s nice to drive to. I’m not super into country music, but this one stands out to me.”


Maddox de Bretteville’s pick: “Can I Kick It?” by A Tribe Called Quest

Although this song is from many decades ago, it still resonates with Editor-in-chief Maddox de Bretteville now.

“It is one of a bunch of songs that I like from A Tribe Called Quest, which is a hip-hop group from Queens that was created in the 1980s. It is a really calm song with a nice call and response chorus that I like.”


Carly Rohrer’s pick: “Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves

Editor-in-chief Carly Rohrer enjoys this song because of “its extremely powerful message.”

“In short, the message is that no matter what you do, society will think that it is wrong. So, just be yourself and do what you want to do, not what you think society wants you to do! I also love the country vibe it gives off, and the tune is very catchy.”


Madison Duong’s pick: “Time of Our Life” by DAY6

Public Relations Manager Madison Duong enjoys listening to a lot of K-Pop groups and bands, but DAY6 is one of her favorite artists.

“‘Time of Our Life’ is an upbeat, amazing song. When translated, it’s about you being the author of your own book of life and celebrating all the happiest moments. I love the rock vibe, which I feel like is becoming rarer in K-Pop as more groups get inspired by generic western music. This song and DAY6 in general are some of my favorites and never fail to make me smile through these tough times.”


Uma Bhatia’s pick: “Falling” by Harry Styles

Our Opinions Editor, Uma Bhatia, loves this ballad by English artist Harry Styles because it evokes many emotions for her.

“I really like how truthful he is about what he’s going through. The song sends a really powerful message about how you can be questioning yourself. It’s just something you have to go through. With COVID-19, we’re all reflecting on ourselves a lot more because we have more time to do so. This idea of having faith in yourself is very relevant right now.” 


Diego Lapayese-Calderón’s pick: “Billy la Bufanda” by Señor Wooly

News Editor Diego Lapayese-Calderón reminisces on his early Spanish class days with this fun tune.

“All Spanish teachers would agree it is the hip song of the century. I believe Billy la Bufanda is a song that teaches you the opposite of the lesson to not cheat on your girlfriend by saying her twin sister is muy deliciosa (you have to listen to the song to understand). It makes me feel like there is still that Spanish 1 kid inside of me.”


Zoe Cox’s pick: “Sweet Creature” by Harry Styles

Our Features Editor Zoe Cox chose this song because it “never fails to put her in a better mood.”

“It’s a soft rock acoustic ballad about the strength of a bond that endures over time. It kind of ties in with COVID and how some people have lost really important relationships but sheds an optimistic light on it saying that over time relationships will only grow. COVID has given me a chance to explore more artists and different types of music that I wouldn’t normally listen to. Sweet Creature and Harry Styles’s other music have stuck with me since the beginning of lockdown.”


Scarlett Wheaton’s pick: “For Emma” by Bon Iver

Bon Iver, an American indie folk band, is one of Entertainment Editor Scarlett Wheaton’s favorites.

“I love this song because it speaks to so many emotions. The calm and slow pace of the song speaks to the more tired and moody side of me, but the trumpets and lyrics bring more of a joyous feel. This song is what wakes me up in the morning, and it always starts my day off right. This artist, Bon Iver, has a style that I love. He incorporates all sorts of classical aspects as well as modern components. This song always makes me feel calm and happy, which can be hard to find in times like this.”


Elaina Seybold’s pick: “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye (ft. Kimbra)

This iconic hit song from 2010 is Liaison Manager Elaina Seybold’s pick.

“I really like this song because it does a great job of conveying emotions to the listener. The artist used a really different beat that makes the song interesting as well as replayable.”


Tess Booth’s pick: “Come on Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners

According to reporter Tess Booth, she chose this cheerful 80s tune because of its positive vibes.

I am obsessed with this song. I am actually surprised that I haven’t over-played it. This song cheers me up and motivates me to smile even when I have had a rough day. Obviously, that is cliche, but it is completely true. You can’t be sad after listening to ‘Come On Eileen.’ Plus, the bridge into the chorus is so climactic.”


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