COVID Friendly Halloween Activities


The Duensings’ freshly carved pumpkins!

Scarlett Wheaton, Entertainment Editor

With quarantine and distance learning taking up all of our lives, some of us may have forgotten about making big plans for All Hallow’s Evebut there’s no need to fear! Here are some ideas for the smallest little monsters to the most ancient grand-mummies to wrap their minds around:


MAKE YOUR OWN CANDY/DESSERT: There are many fall/spooky themed desserts and baked goods that you may challenge yourself with this fall.  Need more inspiration? Try making some Witch Fingers or some Dirt & Worms. Or try something more decadentgo crazy!

PHOTO SHOOT: We know that we all love a good trendy photoshoot. Try one of the many social media trends like the ghost challenge or the spooky skeleton dance. Use a spooky filter or use candles, flashlights, lanterns or pumpkins to make those shots unique. Maybe you aren’t on social media. In that case, save the photos for yourself and make a wall decoration or a scrapbook!

FASHION SHOW: Halloween is a day of fun and dressing up, and what better way to remember a great holiday than to strut in your fantastic costumes and show off your attitude!

CORN MAZES: As a long-time family activity, this fun but slightly mysterious activity can be a highlight of the year.

NIGHT SURFING/SKIMMING/SUPING: If costumes and candy aren’t your thing, a more solo activity may provide some well deserved free time to let loose.

PUMPKIN PATCH: Like a corn maze, this activity can be a family friendly activity as well as a ghostly experience. Walking through a pumpkin patch, choosing your favorite to carve, or just taking pictures can all create memories that you, your friends, and family will remember for years to come!

PUMPKIN CARVING: After your visit to the pumpkin patch, we all know what to do. Take your favorite pumpkin and hollow it out making it perfect for carving. Carve a face or something that requires more skillmaybe you’re an expert? 

MOVIE NIGHT/MARATHON~~Scary/Horror/Comedy/Disney Channel Specials/Animated: A movie night could be just what you need to wind down, or you could be looking for a more exciting, edge-of-your seat, nail-biting experience. However you like your popcorn, sweet or salty, your candy, chocolate or gummy, or your movie, dark or light-hearted, we all love a good film immersion.

BEACH BONFIRES: As we’re starting to get that lovely chill of autumn, our nights are also starting earlier, making a beach bonfire a heartwarming experience and a good time to make memories with family and friends.