Class of 2020: Favorite Memories

Class of 2020: Favorite Memories

Isabella Peterson: “The 20 minute drop at TOW in 5th grade.”


Tessa Blanchard: “The El Morro talent show no cap.”


Hailey Cortez: “My favorite class memory was fifth grade graduation. I feel like that was the start of our class being connected and finally finishing for high school graduation. We were all very aware of each other and it just made it better.”


Phoebe Van Es: “AP Art History field trips.” 


Andrew Reavis: “Quavo Classic Beach Volleyball Tournament.”


Ethan Ghere: “I think one of the most fun times I had with my class was in 7th grade when Kendamas were popular. Everyone was out in the Kendama zone every break.”


Soren Patchell: “ASB camp my junior year and dissecting animal parts in anatomy with my best friend.”


Kaitlin Ryan: “Catalina trip.”


Izzy Meekma: “AP Art History field trips!”


Sahil Das: “Going to New York City with the band my junior year so we could perform at Carnegie Hall.”


Kendra Nugent: “Math this year when we had a sub, finished our work early, and played cards against humanity under the table until class ended. It was so fun and no matter how many times we told him to stop, Luka screamed every card. The sub looked so done but also like she was trying not to laugh.”


Kennedy Roller: “Meeting some of my closest friends.”


Luka Salib: “I one time accidentally light Mrs. Cowels’ microwave on fire by leaving a mini pizza in there while I was in the bathroom.”


Charlie Besso: “One time I said ‘me too’ in AP Chem, and Mr. Sogo said  ‘that’s a movement.’”


Conley Good: “The parties we would have in String Orchestra.”


Gabriells Pontius: “My favorite class memory is waking up at 5 A.M. to see the sunrise at Thalia with the whole senior class.”


Anthony Ramirez: “Being in dance class with all my amigos!”

Luca Elghanayan: “Making the cardboard boats in Mrs. Merritt’s class.”


Carter Jones: “Being with my friends.”


Logan Leeds: “One morning as the fog rolled in with it’s salty ocean smell,  I had gotten to school way too early again (arrived at 7:00 on a late start day) and I was sitting underneath a tree in the senior quad. I was thinking of nothing, just sitting there underneath the tree’s swaying branches with my school issued laptop on my lap. As I stared up into the branches, it lightly began to rain. Soon it was raining so hard that I had to move. Water cascaded down the trunk and spilled on my hair, drenching me in the wet smell of sycamore. When I got out of the rain, under the overhang next to the Theatre, I felt so deliriously happy. I felt inspired to write, so I did, and wrote for two hours straight until the bell rang.”


Staci Esminger: “My favorite memories of high school were the times during each dance concert week that our team would all be the most bonded of the entire year.”


Isadora Duskin-Feinberg: “Being in All Shook Up the Musical at LBHS.”


Nathan Solomon: “My favorite class memories are from all the dances I’ve attended over the years and having a good time dancing with friends.”


Laila Cruz: “DC Trip 2018.”


Dylan Petway: “In 5th grade on the day we were going to watch the puberty video, for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to do a flash mob on the black top.”


Ande Diggins: “Pep assemblies and senior morning breakfasts.”


Russel Farhang: “Going on the field trip to Catalina when I went to Thurston Middle School.”


Kendall Fraser: “My favorite class memory was taking the senior class picture in the quad during the homecoming spirit week. It was our first time having the breakfast party in the quad with everyone wearing all black. It was the first time I felt what it was like to be a senior at LBHS.”


Jessica Berk: “My favorite class memory is when the whole grade started chanting Todd (the school janitor’s name) at eighth grade graduation and administration started freaking out.”


Lily Owen: “Since I was new to the school in January, my favorite class memory was meeting my best friend on the first day! Shoutout to Mrs. Pellow!”


Danielle Gagne: “I really enjoyed acting in A Midsummer Night’s Dream freshman year in Honors English 9. I played Hermia a bunch and really enjoyed getting to actually move around in a class. It was super fun and helped me retain a lot of the plot.”


Zoe Waters: “In 3rd grade, I had an after-school activity called ‘The 100 Marvelous Things Club’, which basically had us do things from Diet Coke and Mentos explosions in the schoolyard, to elaborate bottled water taste tests.”


Elleni Solomon: “Traveling to Vancouver, Washington for a dance performance with the LBHS Dance Company during my junior year! I’ve never been so sleep deprived in my life!”


Grace Houlahan: “My favorite high school memory is getting kicked off the field during our senior year homecoming dance.”


Riley Russo: “6th grade field trip to Catalina!”


Constantin Nassiel: “Playing on the high school Varsity tennis team.”


James Loughlin: “8th grade graduation party at Knott’s Berry Farm.”


Piper Naess: “My favorite memories were all the fun times I had with my high school indoor and beach volleyball team, as I’ve created lifelong friendships and memories with my teammates.”


Janine Johnson: “The last day of school before school got shut down.”


Moorea Pike: “My favorite class memory was probably performing in the pep rally for formal court. I was nervous to dance in front of the whole school but it was actually really fun, especially with Nolan.”


Adam Joyce: “Rocket launching and basically everything tied to Mr. Sogo’s Chemistry class.”


Luke Yates: “The Knott’s Berry Farm trip. I still owe Dane Hobrecht fifteen dollars of food money from that. He’s forgotten, but I haven’t.”


Drew Fink: “The homecoming halftime show this year.”


Beck Kesler: “Being in Ms. Wolsey’s class in the 5th grade with all my friends.”


Cambria Hall: “My favorite class memory throughout high school would have to have been being in Cole Hawkins, Aidan Booth’s, and Peri Brennan’s Spanish class with Senor Gonzo sophomore year. Hearing Cole recite the word “mañana” every day was the funniest thing ever.”


Sammer Tarazi: “Hitting myself in the head with a hammer at the Thurston carnival.” 


Jayd Sprague: “The Senior Sunrise when we sat on the beach together before our first pep rally of the year. “


Eastyn Cianto: “Throwing pencils in the APUSH test.”


Zoe Payne-Carter: “5th grade ‘video’ protest or any memory where Chloe Hale said something stupid.”


Claire Wittkop: “In fifth grade we decided to do some sort of ‘protest’ against watching the puberty video. All the fifth graders went onto the field (which obviously caused suspicion from the coaches) so we could all fall on the floor and yell ‘20 minutes’ before the bell rang. Why? I don’t know. Somehow the event turned into the three coaches chasing a whole class of fifth graders on and off the field. Charlie Besso was break dancing at one point while we cheered him on and a coach tried to push him over. We almost got our field day taken away from us and the principal had to talk to all the students.”


McKayla Brooks: “My favorite memory is when I was in elementary school, showing a big Stitch stuffed animal I had.”


Connor Fink: “6th Grade Catalina Trip.”


Karmen Schmidt: “Being the loudest grade at every pep rally every year.”


Brad Soloff: “The bus rides home after a football win will always be amazing.”


Alex Coulious: “60s week with Mrs. Cowles.”


Sophia Seidensticker: “The pep rallies and dances”


Jade Petrovitch: “My favorite memory is when Luka Salib burned his pizza in Mrs. Cowles microwave.”


Lizzy Cismomki: “Mrs. Rood’s 5th period class freshman year.”


Jackson Yelland: “Playing baseball with my boys.”


Lucas Kravitz: “Sophomore year in geometry, we were getting our test back from Mrs. Rood. I grabbed the wrong test and told all my friends that I got an A. Turned out to be someone else’s test. I got my test back and I failed.”


Chloe Hale: “Being in Madame Odile’s class.”


Abigail Amish: “Senior sunrise.”


Sara Jacobs: “Geology Rocks in 4th grade.”

Kenneth Chu: “I’ll never forget watching one of my classmates cook breakfast while we were being lectured in Zoom.”


Michael Torbenson: “The Gold Rush was one of my most favorite memories from elementary school because pretending to be in those old days was amazing and made me feel so cool.”


Sierra Read: “My favorite memory is when Angie Dyrnaes and Morgan Falkowski chased me around our hotel the day before a cross country race. Good times.”


Alex Chang: “My favorite class memory was when we all sat together at the beach to watch the sunrise.”


Kareem Elmewafy: “Playing football.” 


Annamarie McIntosh: “Having lunch with Mrs. Sjulie and going back to my kindergarten classroom.” 


Jack Crawford: “Nap time in preschool.”


Catherine Keyser: “The trips I took with the Band to Hawaii and New York City were both really fantastic experiences!”


Alex Lemus: “Science 7th Grade.”


Luca Elghanian: “BOO Blast.”


Avalon Brice: “All the friendships I have made. It’s so fun to have gone to school with almost everyone since kindergarten.”


Brooke Beresford: “Pep rallies!”


Kenya Ripley-Dunlap: “8th grade Knott’s.”


Benjamin Feinberg: “The sinking of the USS Amar immediately after launch in the swimming pool.”


Sahba Azarli: “Mr. Alvarez absolutely obliterating the TV screen with this finger and fist during his lessons. Great times.”


Jackson Jenkins: “The BOO Blasts at El Morro were the best memories I had at school.”


Joseph Schenk: “When my Spanish teacher in freshman year brought muffins and coffees for the whole class.”


Wes Abrahams: “Winning Market Watch.”


David Spitz: “The 6th grade trip to Catalina.”

Gabrielle Denny: “Leaving class to go to the bathroom and ending up not going back to class but rather being wheeled to an ambulance and then taken to the hospital.”


Mohamad Berri: “Leaving to get lunch and watching my car get banged up by Cici Stewart.”


Aiden Kidd: “Growing up with all of my classmates”


Caden Capobianco: “Mr. Selin eating a mango.”


Cade St. Claire: “Watching Surfs Up in class.”


Omid Samanifard: “My favorite class memory or rather memories would be the times we went off topic in class and just talk about whatever.”


Gabriella Pachl: “Playing powder puff football.”


Trent Ralston: “The 20 Minute Drop in 5th Grade TOW. LEGENDARY!”


Grace Peterson: “Freshman year my friends and I made a cake and brought it to lunch along with getting pizza delivered. This was all to celebrate a friend’s birthday.”


Jillian Goson: “The Catalina trip in 6th grade was fun.”


Schuyler Cozzens: “One of my favorite class memories, other than that one time one of my classmates burned a pizza in a microwave during my AP US history class,  is when I had stayed after school to finish an in class journal even when the teacher had to leave. Was it one of my best pieces of writing? Hell no. Was it something that I spent a considerable amount of time on and put my all into it? Hell yes. And that’s good enough for me.”


Vanessa Gee: “Formal 2020 & Epic Challenge.”


Piero Wemyss: “Having Mr. Brusky as a sub.”


Augie Renezeder: “Ping Pong in Brusky.” 


Dylan Davis: “My favorite class memory was the senior football trip to New York.”


Madi Garwal: “Senior sunrise.” 


Sam Suh: “Every teacher that was kind (especially Mrs. Quigley) to their class created a great learning environment and made it easier to learn.”


Toby Bumgardner: “Having fun and relatable teachers was a good class memory.”


Nick O’Donnell: “When Mr. Tu danced in the PEP assembly” 


Julia Henry: “Traveling across the country for Model UN trips with my best friends.“


Olivia Shipp: “My favorite memory is from El Morro PE when we would play capture the penguin!”