Don’t F*** With Cats Documentary Review

Claire Wittkop, Editor-in-Chief

*Not intended for younger viewers*


I don´t know about you, but nothing brings me more joy than a good ol´ creepy documentary. Sure, for those of you who are light of heart, you might enjoy Tiger King which has extraordinarily strange characters (that I still can’t believe are real people) and a riveting murder for hire trial, but Netflix’s original document Don’t F*** With Cats is perfect for those who can stand a bit more gore and dark storylines. 

Don´t F*** With Cats follows the journey of a Facebook group’s hunt for the man responsible for posting three videos of killing kittens that leads to the eventual murder of Jun Lin, a student living in Toronto. 

Two of the amateurs internet sleuths became a prominent part of the at-home investigations, Boudi Moovan and a man who goes by the alias John Green, not to be confused with the famous author. They both had their lives impacted immensely by the animal abuser and murderer by both personal threats and time consuming investigating. 

Although the videos of the horrific torturing of both animals and real humans are chilling (the actual deaths are never shown in the documentary), the way ordinary people were able to track down such a mysterious character is riveting. 

They travel across the world, spend hours matching rooms to apartments on google maps, and attempt to message the murderer directly. Every aspect of the videos posted were inspected, from wall plugs, to paint color and everything in between to track the horrific man down. 

I loved seeing how Moovan and Green moved into the mindset of this killer – seeing how he thought, his motives, his past traumas. I find it endlessly fascinating how a fellow human just like you and me can be brought to do horrific things.

Don´t F*** With Cats keeps you on the edge of your seat through the entire three-part series, with the knowledge that the cat killer will soon prey upon his first human victim. 

If you have time on your hands, which we all know you do because of the current pandemic, and want some bone-chilling, binge-worthy television, Don’t F*** With Cats is a perfect choice for you.