Little Fires Everywhere Review

Olivia Longoria, Liaison Manage

Worldwide, self- isolation has been ordered due to COVID-19. Staying inside the house all day is a reality we all have to face in these trying times. Almost, if not everyone, is bored and ready to continue with their lives. However, that is not a possibility due to this time in history. That’s why new TV shows are more important than ever. Not only does entertainment bring fun to people’s lives, but it can also teach and inform its audience.

 “Little Fires Everywhere” is a new Hulu original that aired its first episode on March 18, 2020. As of now, five episodes have been released and eight are expected to air in total. “Little Fires Everywhere” is a captivating story about two polar opposite families that meet through their children. The first family is rich, white, and has two parental figures while the second family is poor, african american, and led by a single mother. These two families highlight the issues that families face whether the issues are financial, societal, or internal. That is why Little Fires Everywhere is so captivating; many can relate on a personal level with the struggling characters.

This new TV show is actually based off of the book “Little Fires Everywhere” written by Celeste Ng. The book has amazing reviews as Good Reads reports 4.1 / 5 stars. While the TV show does stick with the plot of the original book, there are many times when the TV show leads away from the original plot and details. Although it may be a pet peeve for some, it was the best action to take as book to film adaptation can prove difficult if the directors follow every little detail. Also, the TV show of “Little Fires Everywhere” touches on and implements more sensitive topics such as the LGBTQ community, racism, and the struggles of motherhood as a whole.

“Little Fires Everywhere” is a fantastic book and TV show. The show is breathtaking and always keeps you excited for the next episode. New episodes air every tuesday and the last episode will air on April 22, 2020. Check out this amazing show and book while in quarantine!