The effect of coronavirus on sports fans

Willie Rounaghi, Managing Editor-in-Chief

I go to sleep with notifications of sports games buzzing on my bedside table. I wake up and look at my phone, figuring out when my teams are playing. I go to school where I will have about 3 different conversations about a player’s performance or my hot take. My hot take usually revolves around Lonzo Ball being the GOAT, UCLA winning the NCAA Tournament, or the Celtics winning the championship.I don’t think they are too far fetched. After basketball practice, I rush home to catch a couple of the games of the night. 

This has been my routine and focus for the last 3 years of my life. With football seasons in the distant past, basketball consumes my winter and spring. 

On Wednesday, March 11th, I was alarmed by the announcement that the NCAA tournament was to be played with no fans to avoid spreading the Coronavirus; I was relieved, at least, that the games were still on.

Later that evening, a barrage of news overwhelmed the college sports world. Following the path of the Ivy league, the Big Ten Conference canceled all spring sporting events. I tried to resist accepting the worst case sports scenario, but the signs were not good. . 

Finally, as I watched the pregame show for the Kings vs Pelicans contest, the NBA announced that their season was officially postponed. With the next day came the announcement that the NCAA tournament was canceled. 

Basically, in a span of 12 hours the NBA season was postponed, and March Madness, the mecca of college basketball, was canceled. In addition to realizing the harsh reality of the global implications, sports fans experienced another rollercoaster of emotions.  We lost that one constant routine and focus that always entertained and distracted in good times or bad. 

With no end in sight and good reason for the league’s decision to put global health concerns first, all we as sports fans can do is wait and hope for the best. Sports fanatics are becoming so desperate, we are tuning in to ESPN to watch NBA athletes play a video game.

Although it is tough, we need to keep our problems in perspective. The whole world is facing a horrific health problem. The fear of loved ones being affected by the virus is magnificent compared to the lack of sports entertainment. 

Nonetheless, when more normalcy returns, the hope is sports will return. The fan interaction might change forever, but in the long run, I believe a more sincere appreciation for sports will grow from this prolonged hiatus.