Laguna Beach Volunteer Oportunities


Ellie Ford, PR Manager

In order to graduate, every student at Laguna Beach High School needs forty volunteer hours.  Laguna Beach offers many opportunities for students to volunteer and become more involved in our community.  

Student athletes who are interested in volunteer opportunities have a few options.  In April, the community will be hosting the annual Youth Track meet. Volunteers are needed to help with scoring, timing, and event set-up.  For more information, please contact Alexis Braun at [email protected].

In January, Chad Beeler, the operation of Laguna’s age-group water polo and swim teams, will need volunteers to help manage the score tables at water polo games. Please contact Chad Beeler at [email protected] for more information.

Finally, volunteer opportunities are available for students who wish to connect with the leadership side of our community.  Ages 18+ are eligible to participate in the Citizens Academy in order to learn about police operations. Signups are now online at: