How and why the Toronto Raptors outplayed the Golden State Warriors

Willie Rounaghi, Editor-in-chief/ Web Manager

The Toronto Raptors headed into the 2019 NBA Finals as massive underdogs to the historic Golden State Warriors team. The Warriors without Kevin Durant seemed to be firing on all cylinders, sweeping the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals. Making their fifth straight finals appearance, Golden State attempted to accomplish the surmountable feat of winning their third straight championship. Not only do they have obvious talent and are easily the greatest perimeter shooting team of all time, the squad has been involved in countless scenarios over the years and holds finals experience that is unparalleled to any other team in the current NBA.

The Raptors were undeservedly so such underdogs in this matchup as they have displayed impressive defense and have possibly the best player in the world right now in Kawhi Leonard. Although the tasked seemed unattainable, the Raptors are up in the series 3-1 and all indicators point towards the franchises first championship ever. 

They have been able to clamp down on all the offensive goals of the warriors. Additionally, Toronto’s coach Nick Nurse has shown his ability to gameplan and react to the adjustments made by the Warriors, certifying himself as a premiere head coach in the league. Obviously, KD’s original calf injury put the Raptors in a better situation to win games in the series, but regardless, their ability to stop the still very talented Warriors team just goes to show the amount of experience and depth the Raptors similarly possess. 

The Warriors in the finals have shown that they are unstoppable when scoring over 110 points, absolutely unbeatable. The Raptors this series have held the Warriors under 110 points in every single game, showing that if you can slow the Warriors down your chances of winning increase exponentially. 

Now, the Warriors  head into the game 6 without KD as they attempted to usher him back in game 5 leading to an eventual ACL tear. The odds have now completely switched in the favor of the Raptors and all indication point towards their first championship in the history of the franchise. But, after all, you should never count out the splash brothers and the Golden State Warriors.