Senior Bucket List

Senior Bucket List

Some sentimental, some serious, others hilarious. Seniors contribute a variety of items from their bucket lists.


Complete the epic victory royale

Cure cancer

Save someone’s life

Take a glass blowing class

Vote in an election

Forgive someone

Grow old with someone

Have a pen pal

Rescue animals from a kill shelter

Walk on hot coals

Take in a stray – either a pet or someone who needs somewhere to stay

Donate 6 figures all at once

Buy a submarine

Learn Jiu Jitsu

Make and stick to a fitness routine

Experience zero gravity

Go to Brazil during Carnival & New Orleans during Mardis Gras

Invent something

Learn to change a tire

Teach a dog how to shake

Break a window on purpose

Own an art gallery

Make an album

Donate to schools

Sleep for 24 hours

Have a baby or a puppy

Win a sword fight

Outrun a hippo

Tell everyone I love that I love them

Gain more confidence

Benchpress 225

Study abroad

Figure out my major

Defeat the ender dragon in Minecraft

See a concert at Red Rocks

Learn to play guitar

Teach my kids to surf

Live in San Francisco

Become a police officer

Retire in Hawaii

Go to every continent

Finish minecraft story mode

Be on the bachelor

Go outside my comfort zone

Get student loan debt

Talk about Fight Club

Become Army Ranger and combat medic

Win Swordfish Sword Fight by Ending Him Rightly

Become the Thel’ Vadam of the United States Space Force

Learn how to make my own jewelry  

Travel the world

Win a round of minecraft hunger games on mineplex

move to Italy

Go backpacking with friends for a summer

Climb a mountain while dressed as sonic the hedgehog

Sky dive

Write a book

Hit the whoah in Machu Picchu

Go 30 days without cell phone

Recreate the city of detroit in minecraft

Put the horses in the back

Win a raffle

Meet Xi Jinping dressed as winnie the pooh

Not get scared watching a horror movie

Take a picture in front of Notre Dame


Backpack and film through iceland

Have a conversation with Elon Musk

Star on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show

Grow a couple inches

Make a scientific discovery

Run a marathon

Get a pilot’s license

Hug a sloth

Learn to fly

Be the first American on Love Island

Smile every day!

Teach English in Taiwan

Buy and customize a new car

Go scuba diving

Pet a Shark

Cure Fortnite of Small Children Syndrome

Go to the Moon

Make money by being an influencer

Have Rihanna smack me