Senior Memories


Will Clark Freshman year lunches behind the bleachers.
Claire Kelly Catalina.
Drake Bell Taylor Kaye sitting on the pencil in Mr. Selin’s class.
Sofia Salvino Going to Staples on the first day of school.
Justin Bruyntjens The assembly at school my junior year where it was just the junior grade and we did a lightning (basketball game) and Noah Haymond and Sam Kluver stole the show. Noah messed up, but laughed it off and Sam airballed and also laughed it off.
Nick Darby The Jog-a-thon at El Morro Elementary School.
Olivia Jenkins My senior year spending it with friends and meeting new people and becoming friends with where I never in a million years would be friends with.
Bella Fonk Moving here and wondering how everyone was so good at water polo.
Hannah Levinstein Playing card games with my calc friends in Quigley’s class.
Lalia Garcia Amini Senior Assassin united our class and brought us all close together.
Jack Reed Luke Rogers getting kicked off the soccer bus by Dan Richards.
Christopher Hynson Catalina Trip.
Curran Hendrickson I came here in 2nd grade. My favorite memory is when I went to go hang up my backpack, I was scared and didn’t know who I was gonna be friends with. Then a kid came up named Chris Hynson and said, “Do you wanna be friends?”
Jennifer Medina Attending the gold rush Knotts Berry Farm field trip and collecting gold that I really thought was worth a million bucks back in 4th grade.
Leonard Wallstein Playing Chung Bingo.
Skye Wilson Partying with the LBHS class of 2017.
Katie Radabaugh Senior year cheer camp with Sofia Pfanner, Kali Russell, and Eden Pfanner.
Ashley Dudley-Depalma All the school dances.
Jett North Vann Allen throwing yogurt over Gaal Shonfeld.
Hannah Konkel Going on the Oregon trip with my team.
Liam McCue Colton Gregory going downhill freshman year.
Ruby Amodeo When Will Clark threw a bag of carrots at my eye in 8th grade and still apologizes to this day.
Kolton Freeman I was pooped upon three times.
Nick Short Playing capture the flag at El Morro.
Lucas Austin Graduation.
Noah Linder When Kolton Freeman was offered by Dartmouth.
Jack Strickland Our first pep assembly.
Gretchen Webb My favorite memory going to get asian food for lunch every Thursday with Kiyara, Molly, and Hannah.
Andrew Stanaland In freshman year football, a play was messed up so many times that coach tossed a player off the field.
Gustav Julius Morck Winning the Estancia Golf Tournament last year with 3 of my teammates from Varsity. We beat Newport Harbor by 1 point and we set a new tournament record with 84 points.
Natalie Bush When someone punched me in a mosh pit.
Charlie Dickerson #SeniorAssassin #FirstKilled
Zacharias Falkowski Bottle-flipping in New Zealand.
Cal Nielson Moshing to Sweet Caroline.
Hayden Myers Playing 2’s in Calc the last 2 years
Hannah Neufeld When Taylor Kaye fell on a pencil in middle school.
Elian Trinidad Spending time with friends.
Chloe Flanagan In freshman year, one of the visiting japanese boys asked me to take a picture with him. I asked him why while the photo was taken. He told me I’m pretty, now when I’m down I think about that.
Miles Orr Billinger taking my skateboard freshman year and me stressing about it over nothing. There is nothing the school can do to put you in harm so don’t worry about it too much.
Lucas Escobar Meeting new friends in football.
Kyle Shaw Everything that happened behind the bleachers during lunch freshman year.
Brandon Lam Middle school and the fun classes we had.
Patrick Kelly Camping and Off-roading with the boys.
William Dowell Playing card games with my friends.
Gwen Bates Graduating.
Andrew Martinez The invention project in STEM freshman year was fun times.
Wesley Witteman My senior basketball season.
Cutter Clawson Playing baseball with the guys.
Cromwell Anaya Sitting with friends at lunch.
Kai Ball Prom.
Pablo Ladislao Seeing my peers grow mentally and physically.
Brandon Moore Ethan Ospina nailing my head with a soccer ball in 5th grade in front of the school.
Laura Bianchi Superhikes.
Jayden Kovacic Being at the worst place possible with my friends in the middle of a huge bee swarm, good times.
Amanda Lara Rossini-Hein All of my favorite memories have to do with Lea Schaffer, whom I love dearly. Conincidentally, they all happened in our fifth period Brusky period. A side effect of the anti-depressants I was taking in the beginning of the year is that they make me extremely drowsy. When Mr. Brusky turned off all the lights in the classroom and put on a movie (for educational purposes, he stresses!), I couldn’t help but fall asleep. Lea, who has sat next to me the entire school year, scooted closer to me and put my head on her shoulder so I could sleep (sorry, Mr. Brusky but real friends don’t wake you up). The second memory of us is from when she decided to scare me and bring her face really close to my face (she was slightly behind me). I turned around and she almost kissed me. We laughed it off but LEA I STILL LOVE YOU. The final memory happened recently. I was skimming an article and frantically told Lea that low blood pressure can cause pregnancy (I have low blood pressure, so this was alarming to say the least). She blinked at me really slowly and reread the article aloud saying “Amanda, it says that low blood pressure can be caused by pregnancy”. I’m so thankful for her.
Iris Sewell Freshman sacrifice!!!!
Armand Garcia Amini Those epic games of handball in elementary to playing spike ball in high school.
Lola Fisher 8th grade dance
Dylan Brashier October 31, 2017
Allie Evans Sitting under the stairs freshman year.
Logan Ledger My favorite memory is all the good times in my APUSH class & all the friendships we’ve made through school.
Kate Gilles The one time ASB decked out the quad with posters.
Logan Ledger Walking down a hill and breaking my ankle at a track practice I wasn’t supposed to be at.
Sam Kluver 3rd grade Mrs. Monroe’s class with Ryan Calabrese, Taylor Kaye, and Brandon Lam. Wild year. I had at least 3 white slips with the boys from fighting and sneaking off to lunch early.
Cole Hawkins My favorite memory is mobbing Cars n Coffee every Saturday with Chase Gioffredi. I’ll miss those drives down PCH.
Kerin Onodera When Ella and Zoe pretended to be horses in elementary, middle, and most of high school
Jordan Wilson Catalina trip.
Sidney Williams-Goldberg When Taylor Kaye got impaled with a pencil.
Mason Lebby Winning the tennis CIF championship.
Nessa Kiani Gardening Camp 2017
Chloe Bryan When my shining moment in theatre was playing a sexy goat.
Dominic Nozzarella My favorite moment was when Ms. Cowles caught Lucas Austin and I video calling each other using google hangouts on our computer, and when she asked him if he was video calling me he denied that we were video calling as he was unaware that she could see his face on my computer screen deny the accusation.
Emily Thomas Band class.
Emma Gibbs When Fernando Barraza, Dylan Brashier, and I played the ultimate game of Jenga in the quad.
Annalise Kramer When our class won Powderpuff last year!
Sofia Pfanner I remember loving to go to the Boo Blast in elementary school and hanging out with everyone.
Colton Gregory There are too many, but one of my favorite is doing the mannequin challenge with the polo team in the locker room, hit me up if you wanna see the video…
Jared Angus Catalina. Way too lit. Should do it again senior year.
George Knapp Back when Booker peed his pants last month.
Thomas Dubey Playing in band.
Sophia Balliet My favorite memory is when Taylor Magee broke her face sophomore year.
Melissa Young Field trips with APAH.
Jameson Roller My favorite memory when I leave school will be to look back and remember just how close everyone in our grade was with each other and how it’s just one big family.
Cienna Wunder Doing PE with coach Clara at TOW.
Sam Reynolds Going to the tide pools with Mrs. Holtz.
Fernando Barraza West Street mobs.
Haley Colton My favorite memory was cheer camp freshman year.
Scott Yoder When tennis won CIF last year
Connor Sorensen Adam Kerfoot eating a cricket in biology for $20
Kevin Smith Freshman year Winter Formal.
Jake Joiner Favorite memory would be listening to music while running on the track in freshman year while staring at the ocean in gym class.
Summer Harvey When I lost my two front teeth in 2nd grade on the field of El Morro and my friends helped me find them.
Noah Haymond Homecoming football game.
Ryan Smithers Winning CIF and State Championships.
Claire Knill AP Lang with Brobeck 5th period
Will Purdy The last Pep Rally.
Anna Madigan Mr. Brobeck’s 5th period AP Lang class.
Ashley Flores Doing all my community service for poor communities and representing my school while doing so.
Aiden Greengard My senior year AP Lang Class.
Kaitlin Gunsolley I remember watching the 8th grade graduation slideshow thinking about the scary-looking next four years ahead of us. Now I get to look back at all of the fun we’ve had and memories we’ve made. Here’s to class of 2019!
Rusty Hunter Skimming at sunset with all of my friends at West Street.