Senior Wills

Claire Knill- I leave my attendance record to Keilani Norman

Cutter Clawson- I would like to leave behind my home runs to Charlie Pillsbury

Ashley Flores-A book for the Latinos at LBHS (The Americano Dream: How Latinos Can Achieve Success in Business and in Life.)

Adam Filiano-I bequeath good memories to Sam Caamano

Andrew Martinez-I leave a Dodgers banner to Aidan Kidd.

Lebby Mason-I leave a severe and sudden case of 2nd-semester seniorits to Kenneth Chu.

Johnson Colin- I leave a win in a head-to-head race to Owen Van Es and Henry Stewart

Bonnin Zack-I leave behind some cake to be divided evenly between Mateo Bianchi and Henry Stewart.

Molly Cohn-I leave both my love for the Playhouse and Disneyland to Izzy Saunders, Prince Royce concert tickets to Lizzy Cismoski and Isabella Peterson, and a seat next to Lalim on the way to Mammoth to Audrey Sutton, Jessie Rose, and Ashley Nobles.

Kyle Shaw-I leave my 200 IQ to Tate Warner.

Ryan Smithers-I leave my 2001 Toyota Solara to Logan Brooks.

Bella Fonk-I leave my 50 pizza boxes to Haven and Quinn.

Katie Radabaugh-I leave my ability to embrace the weird sides of life to Lola Watson.

Cienna Wilson-I leave my annoyance for high school to my younger brother.

Jordan Wilson-I leave my AP notes to my friends.

Claire Kelly-I leave my AP Spanish binder for my younger brother so that he is pressured to take the class his senior year

Camille DeMilly-Otteson-I leave my attendance to my little brother.

Scott Yoder-I leave my bad test luck to Ian the freshman.

Emma Gibbs-I leave my bike shorts and tube socks for Phoebe Van Es.

Emily Engel-I leave my blue light glasses to Lizzy Cismoski.

Gee Harduvel-Brown-I leave my broken clear acrylic Westcott ruler to Mr. Bogie.

Jett North-I leave my cake for Tyson Lockhart.

Iris Sewell-I leave my car (Spud) for my younger sister Elena.

Gustav Julius Morck-I leave my car for my little brother.

Lola Fisher-I leave my catching gear to Alex Wyman.

Melissa Young-I leave my curse of lateness to Brooke and Emlyn.

Cole Hunt-I leave my dabby time to Mrs. Quigley.

Anaya Cromwell-I leave my deli shifts to Bryanna Rodriguez.

Kelly Smith-I leave my dog for my sister.

Skye Wilson-I leave my emotional breakdowns to my sister.

Sofia Pfanner-I leave my fluency in French to Izzy Lyons.

Fernando Barraza-I leave my game-winning goals to Jett Rocha and Booker Frith.

Sophia Costanzo-I leave my heart for Stan Karaba.

Gretchen Webb-I leave my lab coat to whoever decides to take ACR next year.

Sam Reynolds-I leave my last brain cells to Andrew Mundy in hopes that he uses them for the greater good. I also leave everything else I own to Blake Pivaroff!

Taylor Tran-I leave my last two brain cells for my tennis son, Matthew.

Evie Laptin-I leave my little brother to Imani Clemons.

Sophia Balliet-I leave my little sister for Nicole Rhyner.

Cal Nielson-I leave my morning announcements to Luke Gold-Sine.

Colton Gregory-I leave my motivation to the polo boys.

Leonard Wallstein-I leave my New Bike Racks to the next generation of bike commuters at LBHS.

Chloe Flanagan-I leave my origami, to those who need to know they are loved.

Lalia Garcia Amini-I leave my paid internship to Keilani Norman.

Nick Darby-I leave my parking spot for Frankie Meed.

Charlie Dickerson-I leave my Patagonia collection for Isabella Peterson.

Ashley Dudley-Depalma-I leave my relationship and appreciation with the campus supervisors to the upcoming seniors.

Hannah Kronkel-I leave my running shoes to Sydney Schaefgen.

Caleb Mostajo-I leave my sack record in football and to whoever wants to succeed like I did.

Peyton Fullerton-I leave my senior locker to Jackson Yelland.

Miles Orr-I leave my senioritis to Gianluca.

Will Clark-I leave my spot in the polo boys back room to Soren Teeple.

Kate Calderas-I leave my spot on the girl’s varsity soccer bench to Olivia Shipp.

Thomas Dubey-I leave my weather reports to Milo.

Addison Briggs-I leave my whole heart for Charlie Besso.

Grace Sauers-I leave spilt milk and stale chips to Kai, Christian, and Taylor.

Emily Thomas-I leave the pitching mound to Brooklyn C.

Jack Strickland-I leave the various nicknames I have acquired for my younger brother.

Katie Rollins-I want to leave my driving duties to Audrey Sutton -congrats girl…get a hybrid.

Wesley Witteman-I would like to bequeath my height to Nolan Smith.

Megan Mindte-I would like to give my chemistry notes to my brother Jacob Mindte, and I would like to give tennis senior sweatshirt duties to Vanessa Gee.

Claire Lattin-I would like to leave all of my PMA (positive mental attitude!!!!) to Ariel, Maija & Olivia, the civic and my addiction to Red Bull to Claire Hinds, my obsession with ice cream and job to Haven Thacker, and all of my love to Caroline Kimball and Giselle Ospina.

Sydney Davison-I would like to leave behind my acoustic guitar for my brother, Ryan.

Annalise Kramer-I would like to leave behind my good connections with staff to my brother Keller.

Gigi Woods-I would like to leave behind my newfound athleticism from PE to Kenedy Corlett.

Liam McCue-I would like to leave behind the Freedive Club presidency to be co-run by Sam and Kiko Nelson.

Armand Garcia Amini-I would like to leave behind this awesome school to my younger brother.

Katlin Gunsolley-I would like to leave behind Wordscapes and the word “wack” to Claire Tigner.

Amanda Lara Rossini-Hein-I would like to leave my 4 good hair days to Jai-Lin Garrett.

Sidney Williams-Goldberg-I would like to leave my average work ethic and love for AP sciences to Julian Haley Colton-I would like to leave my great attitude towards swim to Brooke Beresford.

Lea Schaffer-I would like to leave my last two working brain cells to Rishitha Kasaraneni.

Dominic Nozzarella-I would like to leave my love of world affairs to future students.

Kelsey Bailey-I would like to leave the responsibility of driving everyone home from theatre to Claire Tigner.

Patrick Kelly-I’d leave behind my P.E. clothes for Joey Risi.

Kate Giles-I’m leaving my backyard fridge for my sister, Grace.

Will Purdy-I’d like to leave my dog, Winston, to Haley Parness.

Connor Sorensen-I’d like to leave my senior assassin winning title to my brother Casey.

Hayden Myers-Me and Kolton Freeman would like to leave behind the legacy of Gu Ramen Thursdays to Luke Smialowicz, Trent Ralston, Jeremy Hayes, Enzo Sanchez and Vince.

Abigail Bekken-My love for golf to my silly girls Amber Goh and Kennedy Roller.

Hannah Neufeld-My love for writing to Karmen Schmidt.


Anna Madigan-The 30 minute parking spot to my sister, Kate.

Curran Hendrickson-To my Brother Luke, you can have my old backpack.

Claire Knill- I leave my attendance record to Keilani Norman