Senior Goals

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Clark Will I hope to move back to Laguna at some point and live a happy, mellow life.
McCullough Matthew I want to make big bucks.
Clark Travis I want to make money.
Salvino Sofia I want to graduate and be successful.
Bruyntjens Justin I want to create a successful business.
Darby Nick I want to be a successful venue manager for music festivals.
Jenkins Olivia By the age of 20, I want to be able to have enough money to buy an m5 then by the time I’m 30 be able to buy my parents their dream car.
Levinstein Hannah I want to grow an inch.
Garcia Amini Lalia I want to become a doctor overseas on mission trips.
Hynson Christopher I want to graduate from UCSB and hoping to open my own engineering firm.
Hendrickson Curran I plan on having a family and making bank.
Medina Jennifer I want to become a teacher to make an impact in the lives of children and students.
Wallstein Leonard I want to ride my bike around the world.
Wilson Skye When I grow up I want to be able to say I enjoy what I do and it brings a smile to my face. Also being rich and famous would be lit.
Radabaugh Katie I hope to help encourage others to reach their goals in life.
Russell Kali My goals are to graduate with my bachelor’s in marketing and find a business that I am passionate about and work as a marketing director. I want to love my job and where I live (probably California) and own lots of dogs.
Dudley-Depalma Ashley I hope to be successful in something I’m strongly passionate about and be making a good income doing it.
North Jett North To have a good time wherever I am. I want to be doing something that I love.
Konkel Hannah I want to be happy and live a fulfilling, passionate life where I can be truly happy with who and where I am.”
McCue Liam I hope to have fun and surf a lot.
Amodeo Ruby I hope to achieve happiness and success.
Cohn Molly I hope to travel a lot after I graduate undergrad., attend grad. school, and stay in California once I get a job (of which I currently have no idea which field it’ll be in).
Mead Michael I plan to attend the police academy and become a police officer and I also hope to achieve becoming the chief of police.
Coscino Kayla I hope to travel all over the world with the people I love.
Lattin Claire I want to graduate and then attend nursing school, specializing in pediatric oncology. Hopefully, I will travel the world and be successful in my career.
Short Nick Marry my soulmate and to be happy.
Austin Lucas I hope to graduate from college.
Linder Noah I’m going to change the world.
Briggs Addison I just hope to be happy in my future, no matter what I’m doing.
Strickland Jack I hope to have a functional adulthood.
Webb Gretchen I hope to help make the world a better place. I want to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
Stanaland Andrew I hope to visit as many countries as I can.
Morck Gustav Julius I want to have an impact on people around the world by giving people who are less fortunate than me an opportunity in finding a career so that the next generation will be living in better conditions with a more clear future.
Calderas Kate In the future, I want to be happy. In my lifetime I hope to be independent.
Bush Natalie I would love to travel and then settle down in CA.
Falkowski Zacharias I hope to retain my work ethic, further my humility, and find joy.
Nielson Cal I hope to help lots of people be happy.
Neufeld Hannah I want to become a doctor.
Magee Taylor I hope to travel as much as possible in the future.
Ranabargar Jonathan I want to become a police officer.
Hollinshead Sarah I hope to travel, make bank, and have a family (doubt any of it will happen but I can dream).
Flanagan Chloe I want to become a translator and end up living in Asia.
Orr Miles I hope to find new directions and living my own life.
Escobar Lucas I plan on making and owning a video game company in my lifetime.
Mostajo Caleb I aspire to be financially independent.
Cortellessa Eric I want to drive a boat.
Smyers Garrett I hope to study sea turtles and sharks in Hawai’i.
Lam Brandon I hope to become successful, start my own business, live a healthy life.
Kelly Patrick I hope to graduate from college. In my lifetime, I want to invent at least one product/service.
Bates Gwen I aspire to get rich and be better than everyone.
Yeager Jack I want to start my own company in creating advanced prosthetics.
Smith Dylan I want to make music
Pfanner Eden I want to become a successful pilot and aerospace engineer.
Ball Kai My goal is to make a real change in the world.
Ladislao Pablo My future goal is to become a police officer.
Moore Brandon Make an impact on a million lives.
Woods Gigi My goal is to be happy.
Kovacic Jayden I want to make creative decisions for a video game development company.
Warner Piper I hope that people always think I’m a good/nice.
Saffarian-Toosi Saba I want to get motivated and take the leap.
Garcia Amini Armand My goals in the future is to live my life to the fullest
Fisher Lola I hope to be a military intelligence officer in the US Army. Have a family.
Brashier Dylan I aspire to raise my kids in Laguna
Ledger Logan I plan to go to law school after college, but outside of that I really have no set plan. I’ll go wherever life takes me.
Gilles Kate I want to make meringues with Piper and Logan. They’re pretty difficult to make.
Sauers Grace I don’t want to be bored.
Ledger Logan My goal is to maintain a consistent sleep pattern.
Hawkins Cole My goals are to graduate college and make great connections through my University. I hope to achieve to move back to Laguna Beach so I can give my children the same opportunities that my parents gave me.
Williams-Goldberg Sidney I want to get my MD.
Kiani Nessa I hope to attain prosperity with my career, surround myself with wholesome, genuine people, and savor the life around me.
Bryan Chloe Hopefully to become a criminal defense litigator and potentially propose legislation.
Nozzarella Dominic I want to one day work in China in conjunction with a government agency or international organization.
Kramer Annalise I hope to make a positive impact on the environment.
Tehrani Kiyara My goals include traveling and exploring the rest of the world. I also hope to receive a lot of knowledge from my college education and be able to apply it to my future career. I want to achieve success but also ensure that I am happy.
Pfanner Sofia I want to own a lot of dogs.
Gregory Colton My goals are to play water polo all 4 years in Santa Barbara and get a well-paying job.
Knapp George Be a bauce.
Allen Lauren I’m majoring in Psychology and taking Pre Med classes. After college I will be attending medical school and after I plan on becoming a doctor.
Balliet Sophia My goals for the future are to graduate college and get into medical school
Young Melissa I want to become a psychologist and help others.
Roller Jameson I will make a million dollars before I turn 20, become a billionaire
Gioffredi Bryn I plan to play water polo at Brown and I hope to pursue a career in medicine.
Yang Alexis I hope to learn another language, live in another country, find happiness.
Reynolds Sam My goal is to become a winemaker and own my own farm next to a river.
Colton Haley I am majoring in fashion design, and I hope to one day have my own company and design wedding dresses.
Sorensen Connor I hope to have a girlfriend for at least 6 months at some point in my life.
Vogel Ben I want to make a positive impact in other people’s lives.
Klug Makayla I want to make enough money to be able to be comfortable some day.
Smith Kevin Transfer to UCLA, study mechanical engineering, get an MBA, and be the vice president of a large engineering company.
Joiner Jake I hope to achieve amazing friendships and relationships. I hope to achieve peace of mind and enjoy a good healthy life.
Haymond Noah I want to be on ESPN
Purdy Will I hope to do something creative and entertain people, whether I make money or not.
Madigan Anna I hope to be a licensed architect and design sustainable structures around the world.
Greengard Aiden In the future, I hope to become a pediatrician and work with children in undeveloped countries.
Gunsolley Kaitlin I hope to overcome the challenges of life with grace. I would also like a career. A career would be nice.