LBHS students assemble to create a Psychology club on campus

Gee Brown, News Editor

Psychology Club has recently become a part of the LBHS community! The club is being held in Mrs. Alonda Hartford’s room (63) during lunch every Wednesday, led by Adeline Lupean and Lauren Fetzer. The purpose of this club is to help integrate psychology into the daily life of teenagers and allow them to have a better understanding of the human mind. This club plans to integrate teachings of typical psychology classes, with important issues that press young people currently, such as mental health issues, or struggles with one’s sexuality. All are welcome to join and attend the weekly meetings as they please for the different lessons and fun games based on psychological research.
“I think psychology is an important aspect for young people to be aware of because it is the study of the human mind, which is important for understanding behaviour and how we make decisions. The brain is extremely important for young people to be educated about because the prefrontal cortex is still developing until late 20’s/early 30’s, which impacts the way young people make rational decisions, and often the decisions they make are impulsive. I think understanding psychology can also help with reducing the stigma around mental illness,” said Student Support Specialist Alex Aronson.
Psychology Stats from the American Psychological Association:
On average, teens report sleeping far less than the recommended amount — 7.4 hours on school nights and 8.1 hours on non-school nights, compared with the 8.5 to 9.25 hours recommended by the National Sleep Foundation
Teens who report high stress during the past school year also say they spend an average of 3.2 hours online a day, compared with two hours among those reporting low-stress levels during the past school year.
Of the 23 percent of teens who report skipping a meal in the past month due to stress, 39 percent say they do this weekly or more.
Q&A with club leader Lauren Fetzer:
Q: What is your reasoning for starting this club? A: “We started Psych Club because of the lack of anything psychology related in our school. Psychology is a subject most high schools teach, yet LBHS with all of its resources lacks any form of psychology class. So, in addition to informing our peers about the topic, we also want to raise awareness about what we as students are missing in our education.”
Q: Why do you think it is important for psychology to be an aspect of high school students’ lives? A: “It’s a subject that we use every day unknowingly. We interact with others in a variety of ways due to how we evaluate and analyze individuals, whether we realize it or not. Not only that, but it’s a social science which we can apply to the working world as well: how to analyze customers or clients and figure out what they want or need to hear, how to work with difficult coworkers, how to leave a good impression on your boss by understanding their thought process and what they value. In addition, it would also equip us with a greater understanding of our peers in this tremulous time in which we’re all trying to figure out who we are.”
Q: How do you plan on informing people about psychology via your club? A: “We’re trying to educate our peers by supplying mini-lessons about psychology. This ranges from presentations made by the students to mini videos (shout out to Crash Course Psychology, you a real homie), to even simple things like group quizlets. Obviously, we’re not necessarily the most educated on the topic— we ourselves are just students trying to learn what we can, but we hope to provide to our peers as much as possible.”
If you are struggling and in need of help, please visit or call 1-800-273-8255 or text ANSWER to 839863