Car Spotlight: Safari Porsche

Maddox de Bretteville, Sports Editor

Porsche. The name alone means so much. Expensive. Fast. Powerful. Porsches have built a strong reputation for being the fastest and prettiest cars on the market for a long time. Yet, there is a side of Porsche that many may not know. The Safari.

The first Safari Porsche was actually made in 1978, to compete in the East African Safari Rally. That car placed second in the entire race, which is pretty impressive given the 911 is not a manufactured rally car at all. Now, 40 years later, the Safari Porsche is having a comeback. Although that car was for a race, and the new cars are made for pure fun, it is still somewhat of a revival. A large part of the recent models, is Lehman Keen, a retired racecar driver for Porsche. He created what is now known as the Keen Project Safari 911. To date, Keen has completed 12 safari models.  The cars go for around $100k, but everyone who buys a Keen Safari 911, only has good things to say about it.

However, Keen is not the only person to hop on to the Safari trend. Many have created Safari 911’s, especially recently, and auctioned on car websites.

Considering that a rally car has a pretty limited variety of looks, the Safari 911 has a surprising array of appearances. Some are manufactured to resemble the safari of the 70’s, while others keep their originial look, just with some extra headlights, mud flaps, and a new suspension.

The Safari Porsche has no practical use, unless you need to quickly traverse difficult terrain on a daily basis. But the pure fun that comes with the car, is worth it to the people that can afford it.