Put an end to tests and quizzes

Luke Teeple, Web assistant

In college, students take exams once a semester. There are no tests or quizzes. So, if high school is supposedly preparing you for college, why do students take quizzes and tests along with finals. Some teachers say that students take quizzes and tests to help students practice test-taking skills. Others say it is so that students’ grades are not determined by finals. However, we should get rid of these weekly or monthly tests/quizzes and just have finals at the end of each semester.

Tests and quizzes are stressful. Whether or not students study, the students are still thinking about how it will affect their grades. For some students, studying for tests and quizzes is time-consuming and nerve-racking. Studying during the week for a quiz or test also takes away from the students’ learning that week. Also, Finals are extremely difficult for almost all students and can require weeks of preparation. Students are also given tests and quizzes in the weeks leading up to finals which hinders their ability to study and learn. I believe it would be less stressful, for all students, if schools choose either finals or tests/quizzes.

Finally, every student is different with various levels of commitment towards education, but one thing is true for all students: their grades are determined by effort and time applied. If students do not learn information in class or at home, they will not know or understand the information for a quiz, test, or final. Instead, schools should give finals every semester instead of monthly tests and weekly quizzes. Students will be stressed out for finals (they already are anyway), but they will be less stressed throughout the year which is much healthier. Students will put more time and energy towards learning instead of studying. Students will also get college experience which may reduce drop out rates.