Mental Health

George Saba, Reporter

Mental health is often overlooked and undermined. In my opinion, mental health is more important than physical health because the brain is the most powerful muscle in the body, and if that isn’t satisfied, then the rest of your body will slowly fall apart. When I say mental and emotional health is more important  than physical health, I’m not discouraging you from working out or playing sports. In fact, getting daily exercise releases endorphins which make you happier.


  • 49% of high school students in America feel great amounts of stress on a daily basis.
  • 56% of high school students in America have experienced depression or anxiety during 2016
  • 14% of 7th graders at TMS felt chronic sadness during 2017, 25% of 9th graders, 31% of 11th graders at LBHS


With those statistics in mind, Laguna Beach has done a very good job reducing the stressors in our daily lives, but there is always improvement to be done. As I said  earlier, exercise is a phenomenal way to be happier, as it releases endorphins. This makes sense because the 7th graders have less homework than 11th graders, so they have the opportunity to go outside more and play.