Barefoot is best

Mercer Janssen, PR Manager

Personally I hate wearing shoes. Not because they confine the foot, or are overall really uncomfortable, but because they are a pain to put on. Which doesn’t seem like a valid reason, but it drives me to loathe them, and thus I avoid shoes until it is socially unacceptable to not be wearing them.

I could live barefoot, and apart from the sporadic piece of glass I would be happy. Yet my mother is not a large fan of the idea of me and tetanus, so I wear shoes outside of the house.

Although startling new research, has arisen to backup my needless preference.

Steven Robbins a professor of mechanical engineering and doctor at Concordia University found, “Shoes act like casts, holding the bones of the foot so rigid that they can’t move fluidly”.  

For your feet and ankles, shoes weaken and impair the musculoskeletal structure.

So whether you hate wearing shoes or are devoted to them, the research cannot be denied. My advice take of your shoes and enjoy the feeling of freedom from a self imposed prison.