District Explores New Co Teaching Opportunities


Illustrated by Gee Brown

Claire Wittkop, Reporter

This year, many classes have two full-time teachers to better assist students and expand their learning. This includes US History, Algebra 2, English 9, English 12, Chemistry, Biology, Government and Economics.

“The district is making this a priority this year with the idea that there’s a teacher in there that’s the instruction expert and a teacher that’s an intervention expert,” said special education teacher Mindy Hawkins.

In the past, students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or special needs were separated into smaller classes to make sure they were all understanding the topics being discussed in class. Now with co-teaching, everyone is able to maximize their learning in an integrated class.

Having another teacher in the room is a unique opportunity because through co-teaching, students are able to receive content through different teaching styles that we’ve used to cater to them,” said history teacher Victoria Brinkmeyer.

Additionally, teachers and students get more one-on-one time together. One teacher can talk to the entire class while the other can help specific students individually.  

“I think it has benefited students who work at different speeds. Mrs. Hawkins is able to help clarify confusing topics,” said junior Payne-Carter.

Having collaborative classes has also helped teachers as they get to learn from each other and figure out how best to educate their students.

Mrs. Hawkins and I have done a really great job bouncing ideas off of each other and collaborating to see what’s going to work best for our students,” said Brinkmeyer.

Having more co-teaching classes may be in the future, with both teachers and students having the opportunity to learn and grow.

“For me, this has been so positive this year because I love all the teachers I’m teaching with and I’ve already learned so much, not just about content but about the way they teach. I feel like it impacts me to be a better teacher and helps me to more clearly understand how I can support students,” said Hawkins.