Health Benefits of exercise!


Brianna Brown, PR Manager

Exercise does not have to be a scary subject! Instead it provides a healthy coping method for people who are dealing with mental illness. Personally in my case, exercise has provided a healthier way to release my stress from the school day and homework. Exercise can range from walking your dogs to weight lifting! Anything that makes your body move can allow your body to release unwanted tension! If you’re new to exercising, consider trying the activities below:

  1. Yoga
  2. Running
  3. Taking hikes
  4. At home exercise videos
  5. Taking walks
  6. Swimming
  7. Kickboxing
  8. Self Defense Class
  9. Dancing

Yoga meditation:

  1. First find a comfortable spot in your house that is quiet and relaxing
  2. Gently sit with your feet crossed and turn off all electronics
  3. Sit silently and erase all thoughts from your mind
  4. Meditate as long as you need to!