Funny facts about the signs


Grace Wilson, Web Manager

All They Want

  • Aries: a real friend
  • Taurus: power
  • Gemini: to be happy
  • Cancer: true love
  • Leo: to be a queen
  • Virgo: banana
  • Libra: new dress
  • Scorpio: love and a smoothie
  • Sagittarius: success
  • Capricorn: money
  • Aquarius: pink unicorn
  • Pisces: pizza


Most Likely To

  • Aries: Break a world record
  • Taurus: Be a billionaire
  • Gemini: Win the lottery but lose the ticket
  • Cancer: Marry their high school sweetheart
  • Leo: Become famous
  • Virgo: Become president
  • Libra: Win a nobel peace prize
  • Scorpio: Never be seen again
  • Sagittarius: Travel the world
  • Capricorn: Rule the world
  • Aquarius: Become an inventor
  • Pisces: Cure a disease


Signs in friend group

  • Aries: The cool one
  • Taurus: The mature, reliable one
  • Gemini: The bubbly one
  • Cancer: The sweet one
  • Leo: The Queen/ King
  • Virgo: The helper
  • Libra: The one creating harmony
  • Scorpio: The psycho
  • Sagittarius: The sassy one
  • Capricorn: The one with the super dark humor
  • Aquarius: The morally correct
  • Pisces: The clumsy cutie


Cool nicknames

  • Aries: hotshot
  • Taurus: tony tony macaroni
  • Gemini: big city kid
  • Cancer: wiggles
  • Leo: bicycle buddy
  • Virgo: cinnamon swole
  • Libra: mystery machine
  • Scorpio: bruno mars
  • Sagittarius: dangerous daniel the cocker spaniel
  • Capricorn: tabitha
  • Aquarius: your eminence
  • Pisces: chad