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Ben Kellogg, Reporter

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Ruslan Soobzokov, Assistant Coach and LBHS Alumnus, Class of 1994
“Playing basketball for coach Fleming prepared me life after high school. The life lessons I learned from his program are ones I live with today.”
“I’ve have been around a lot of basketball coaches both high school and professional, and he’s the best coach I’ve been around with tremendous knowledge for the game and his ability to get the best out of the players.”

Coach Bret Fleming, OC Register’s Coach of the Year
“To me, the most rewarding aspect of coaching is the relationships that I’ve formed with so many players over the years. These players become part of my family, and we remain in contact long after they graduate.”
“For me, basketball is just the vehicle I use to hopefully teach kids valuable life lessons. The hope is that they can learn to believe in something greater than themselves and realize that success can only be accomplished together.”
“The thing I’ll remember most about this group is how much they improved over the course of 4 years. What made them special was the chemistry and unselfish nature that they played with. Their 26 wins this year will become the standard for future teams to chase after.”

Grady Morgan, Small Forward
“Fleming explains things really well, and, if I didn’t understand something, he would always teach me the right way and that communication is big in basketball, especially at the level we are at.”
“Fleming was always there for all of us and did everything he could to make us the best basketball players we could be.”

Charlie Rounaghi, Point Guard
“This year’s team was successful because of Coach Fleming’s emphasis on defense, ball movement, and playing together as a team.”
“He spent countless hours with the team ,and we are all grateful for him. He made us a very successful basketball team, while teaching us life lessons off the court.”

Owen McMurray, Shooting Guard
“Coach Fleming’s coaching style helped our team to be successful because his main focus was team defense. This year our team learned how to play team defense and help each other get stops by taking charges, rotating to other offenders, and closing out on shooters…He also has perfected the offensive set that we run to help us get easy buckets to allow us to win games.
“Fleming dedicates so much time into helping the team be successful, whether it be watching film and evaluating the other team or helping us improve on certain aspects of our individual game. I am most thankful about the sacrifices Fleming has made and giving up his personal time to work with us to develop our game.”

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