Napoleon Dynamite is DYNAMITE!!!

Hello Brush and Palette readers! In reading over the archives of our school newspapers, I stumbled upon a really interesting article that I’ve posted below. It’s from the October 14 release from Brush and Palette from 2004. The article is written by Ali Hawthorne. Enjoy!

Zoe Bowman, Reporter

Napoleon Dynamite is one of the funniest movies of the year. The biggest challenge is knowing whether or not to laugh with Napoleon, or at him. From his moon boots, to his red fro hair, to his hilarious dancing, Napoleon keeps the theater laughing way beyond the credits. The movie takes place in the small town of Preston, Idaho. Napoleon lives with his Grandma and 30 year old unemployed brother Kip, who spends most of his time looking for love in internet chat rooms. When Grandma sets off for a get away with her quadrunner, Napoleon and Kip’s Uncle Rico comes to town to watch over them and most of all, ruin their lives. Napoleon must escape the embarrassment of Uncle Rico, while charming chicks with his smooth skills and helping his new friend Pedro win Student Body President. He must also try not to be too busy so he can finish his drawings of non-existent animals, while making sure to feed Tina, His Grandma’s feisty pet lama.

“I think all guys should get up the courage to buy one of those tapes and learn how to dance like Napoleon. It would make us girls so proud” said senior Roxy McKnight.

“I thought it was an extremely funny film that actually had some really good and interesting shots, as well. I love quoting all of Napoleon’s weird lines with my friends” said senior Adria Kloke.

This is definitely a must see movie if have not seen it already. For anyone who is looking for a great laugh, this movie comes Highly recommended. Napoleon Dynamite is DYNAMITE!!!