When will enough be enough when it comes to gun control?

Hannah Vogel, Editor-in-Chief/ Web Manager

Last week, 27 lives were taken, 20 injured in Sutherland Springs, Texas. All too regularly when we turn on the news, there is a new mass shooting—and at least 20 are dead. Las Vegas, New York, Texas—three shootings in less than three months. It’s past time that America takes strong action against gun violence. These guns are not defending us; they are weapons used to kill one another. Why would anyone need an automatic assault rifle? Don’t tell me it’s to protect yourself. In fact, most homes with a gun in them are far more likely to have accidental deaths—particularly with children.

According to a research done by the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “the majority (89%) of unintentional [child] shooting deaths occur in the home. Most of these deaths occur when children are playing with a loaded gun in their parent’s absence.”

Furthermore, we live in a country where almost anyone can obtain such weapons. Whenever we hear about the  shooters responsible for creating these tragedies, we often hear that they were mentally ill or had past problems causing them to become a threat. If this is true, then why were they allowed to obtain an assault rifle in the first place?

For example, a day after the shooting in Texas occurred, it was released by the United States Air Force that the gunman had a history of domestic violence. We need stricter gun control laws. We need stricter background checks. But that’s not enough—that’s just the edge of the diving board. Below us is an ocean of gun related problems.

It is often argued that even if we ban the right to carry a weapon, there will still be the black market—criminals will still obtain weapons. Though this may be valid, stricter laws would not only make it harder to obtain such weapons, but also reduce the number of mass shootings. The shooter responsible for Las Vegas owned 47 assault rifles, 23 of which were in his hotel room in Vegas. Stricter gun control laws and background checks would not have allowed him to purchase 47 murder weapons. The fact that any person is able to purchase that many guns without raising the slightest concern from the seller or the government is beyond alarming.

There have been more shootings in the U.S. than days in 2017—378 according to gunviolencearchive.org. In October 2017 alone, 348 were wounded and 94 killed. When will enough be enough? It wasn’t enough after Sandy Hook. It wasn’t enough after San Bernardino. It wasn’t enough after Vegas. What mass casualty do we have to suffer next in order for it to be enough? How many more have to die?

Actions speak louder than words. Next time you go to pray for the victims and the dead, ask for stricter gun control laws so there won’t be a next time.

Bite the bullet.

America needs stricter gun control.