Embrace LBHS college resources

Brianna Brown, PR/ Social Media Manager

If you are like I am, then you might need a push in the right direction when it comes to determining your future college. With an overabundance of choices and limited time, it can be stressful when researching the perfect school. You’re probably wondering: What major do I want to choose? What college has the best program for that major? Where do I want to live? Do I want seasonal changes or only warm weather? Do I want to live next to the mountains or the ocean? These questions are essential to explore in order to end up at your perfect safe haven. Now, you might be thinking: How can I connect with these colleges on a personal level and experience all they have to offer without getting overwhelmed in the process? That’s where your high school college and career specialists can step in.

They can be your guides and recommend multiple events where you can meet college representatives who can help you. Especially at Laguna Beach High School, the College and Career Center does a wonderful job providing the necessary steps in order to make your decision. Recently, the College and Career Center has invited over 80 college reps to campus for students to meet with in the library. Have you been going to them? These rep visits can bring you closer to reaching closure about your primary choices and remove some of the stress of indecision. Searching for colleges should not be a discouraging experience; rather, the exploration should provide personal growth. If the college you have been dreaming about since you were a freshman is not right for you, using the College and Career Center resources can allow you to recognize this move on immediately! You are not alone in this battle, and you should take advantage of your resources and College Specialists.

This is the time to explore your options with your school acting as a cushion. Remember that every GPA is well earned, and ultimately any GPA will result in a continued education. Don’t feel stressed, but instead lean on your school for their research tools and advice. Let all that tension out, and realize that you will go to college and be happy.