10 Tips on how to effectively do your summer homework

Saba Saffarian-Toosi, Reporter

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10 tips on how to do your summer homework effectively

  1. Remember, first impressions are important. When you go walk into the classroom on the first day of school, you want to get on the good side of your teacher. An easy way to do that is to finish all your summer homework. You don’t want your teacher to think that you’re a slacker.
  2. Go out and buy your school supplies early. That way, you are motivated to start your summer homework, and you have all the supplies to do so efficiently.
  3. You need motivation. Just think about how you want to spend your last few days of summer. Do you want to sit in your room reading about a mayor in a town named Casterbridge? Or do you want to soak in the last few summer rays with your friends? It’s an easy choice to make.
  4. Make a homework planner. Plan out which class you’re going to spend time working on every week or month, and don’t forget to write down your goal!
  5. Take your time. The slower you read a book, the more you think about its meaning. The more you think about its meaning, the more you enjoy it. The more you enjoy it, the more you know about it. It’s a domino effect!
  6. Take study breaks. Your mind needs time to soak in the information you just learned, and eating a snack will boost your energy.
  7. Create an incentive to finish all your work. Give your parents or your sibling your phone, and tell them not to give it once you finish your daily work. That way, you genuinely want to work (even if it isn’t for the right reasons).
  8. Study with your friends. Summer is a sociable season, so why don’t you and some of your friends get together and work on those focus questions as a group? That way you can get multiple opinions and outlooks.
  9. Keep time for review. The earlier you finish your homework, the more time you have to study. Just because it’s your first test of the year doesn’t mean you don’t have to study for it.
  10. Don’t procrastinate. We’re all guilty of telling ourselves, “I’ll do it early,” when in reality we won’t. Recognize this character shortcoming, and start your summer homework early!
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10 Tips on how to effectively do your summer homework