Laguna Beach dancers present Bloom


Susan Levinstein

Claire Wittkop, Reporter

On Thursday, April 27, the Laguna Beach High School Dance program put on their last show of the year, Bloom, in the Artists Theatre. The show ran for three nights and ended on Saturday, April 29.

“The theme of the spring concert was bloom; it was inspired by our seniors who are about to transition and bloom into a new part of their lives,” said dance teacher Estee Carrizosa.

The LBHS Dance department had all five dance levels participate in this production: Exploring Dance; Dance 1, 2, and 3;  and Dance Company. Working together, the dance group was able to put on a variety of diverse and talented dances.

It was really fun and exciting performing our dances,” said Exploring Dance student and freshman Chloe Hale. “The costumes and makeup were really cool. They were very strange and out there; the costume was unlike anything I’ve seen before.”

The concert featured many pieces choreographed by professional guest choreographers such as Emily Crouch, Amanda Gardner, Pauline Kyne and Erika Fernandez. They all brought their own unique ideas to the show.

I wanted my piece to be centered around togetherness and joy. The song ‘Catch and Release’ is such a feel-good piece of music, so I tried to convey it through this movement. I just hope it made people smile,” said Crouch.

Students such as senior Jordan Burton, who has been a part of the LBHS dance group since freshman year, also stepped in and choreographed their own pieces.

“It was a 40s style piece, so it was very upbeat and jazzy,” said Burton. “I really wanted the dancers to just have fun with it.”

The dance department weren’t the only ones working hard to make the show come together. Students from ceramics, art, photography and multimedia design displayed art, available for sale, in the Artists Theatre’s lobby. All the pieces of art corresponded with the theme of bloom; some works even had the dancers in them. Multimedia design also printed t-shirts for the whole cast.

Overall, the show was a success! The production sold out on the Friday and Saturday performances.

We loved the show. It’s the one show a year that features the whole dance department, and that’s always really exciting and unique,” said Gardner.  “We love seeing all our dancers together on one stage participating.”