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Erica Garbutt, Features Editor

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Q: I don’t feel comfortable expressing pro-Trump or even pro-Republican comments around my school. Should I remain quiet for now and “ride it out?”

A: There’s no need to keep quiet! Just because certain students may have a different opinion from yours does not mean that you should keep your thoughts to yourself. As long as you express your opinions in a calm, respectful manner and don’t outwardly offend people, you don’t need to worry about causing uproar. Opinions are meant to be shared, even ones that might seem unpopular. I say go for it.

Q: How do I feel more positive about my body?

A: One way to feel better about your body is to stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone’s body is different, and there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ body. Show respect to your body by feeding it healthy foods and getting enough exercise. Doing these things will not only make you feel better about your body, it will also make you feel more positive in general. If you feel surrounded by media images of a certain body type, stop looking at the screen and start looking at the various body types around you. We can’t change the body types we are given, so embrace it.

Q: How can I balance school and extracurricular activities (e.g., ROP classes, sports)?

A: This is a challenge for many students. One good way to keep organized is to regularly keep track of appointments, upcoming assignments and other important dates in a planner. This lets you know what’s due when and helps you to plan out your entire week. Also, be sure that your classes and extracurriculars are what YOU want. If you’re struggling or want to drop something, talk to your counselor. He or she will be able to help you figure out a schedule that is right for you.

Q: Where can I get help for school subjects at school?

A: Luckily, there are many resources that can help you out with your classes! If you need help with a writing assignment, you can visit Tracy Van Mil in the writing lab or share your Google Doc with her. Robin Lux is available in her room above the gym for math assistance. It’s also possible to get homework help during the school day by signing up for a Core Skills class or a support class; talk to your counselor to schedule these. Finally, you can get student tutoring after school with the Homework Club in the library. By utilizing these resources, you should be able to succeed in all your classes.

Q: Should I take an AP class?
A: It depends on your current schedule and whether you plan to attend college after graduation. AP classes can earn you college credit and prepare you for the more rigorous courses you’ll encounter. These classes look great on a transcript, and they’re also a wonderful opportunity to meet similarly ambitious students. However, AP classes are more challenging and can involve a lot of homework! Talk to your counselor about taking an AP class, and remember to take your schedule into account when considering whether to add an AP class or not.

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