Aspiring cinematographer utilizes his talents

Will Clark , Sports Editor

In today’s increasingly technologically oriented society, the importance of visual arts, such as videography, is becoming more and more prominent in the business and entertainment world. Many students may know LBHS senior Connor Brashier, but some may not know of his amazing talent in videography.

“Video is an amazing thing–the ability to capture moments in time and put them together in a compelling and touching way is something that has enticed me since I was very young. Film is an aesthetic that allows me to express myself in a creative way and that never ceases to spark my interest in the craft,” said Brashier.

Brashier is currently working on marketing for a variety of companies such as Pura Vida Bracelets, Happiness Brand from Italy and a Spanish sunglass company, Hawkers Co. These companies hire him to make promotional videos drawing attention to their products. Working with these companies has in turn allowed for Brashier to work with several notable people like Jay Alvarrez, Jessie Stevens, Anastasia Ashley and Ethan and Grayson Dolan. Working with internet sensations has allowed Brashier to gain a high level of publicity, broadening his viewership and increasing opportunities for future projects. His work in filmmaking has taken the Laguna native on many new travels.  

“Filmmaking has taken me places I’d never thought I would be, from multi-million dollar mansions in LA to Coachella to flying in helicopters. I’m also looking forward to filming in Hawaii this winter break, where I’ll be making videos for a few companies,” said Brashier.

An interest in filmmaking for Brashier began in middle school in Mr. Crisp’s multimedia class. It was there that Brashier began developing his skills and creative mindset. In addition to working for big companies, Brashier is also responsible for filming and editing the incredible videos shown at the pep rallies. After high school, Brashier looks to major in business and possibly minor in film at either USC, UCLA or UC Berkeley.

“For anyone who would like to pursue videography and photography, I’d say to start by, well, doing it. Only make things that you are proud of, and display your work on social media,” said Brashier. “I believe both photography and filmmaking are not just forms of art, but rather a precise science that requires great devotion, determination and patience. And developing those things takes lots of time, and trial and error.”

The high quality work Brashier has consistently produced for the school and independent employers has opened up more opportunities for future work. Recently, Brashier put together a video for our principal Chris Herzfeld.

“I went to Connor because I’ve seen his work before and I know that he is talented and has that tendency to say ‘I can do it’. I chose him because of the professional quality of the work he does.

To check out some of Brashier’s work, you can visit his Youtube channel at