Honors Photography explores their creativity with Dance classes


Brianna Brown, PR Liasion

Before the weekend of December 9-11, Honors Photography had the privilege of shooting photos for the Dance Show in order to raise funds for those who are battling Breast Cancer. Honors Photography students were given the assignment of photographing the Dance Company while capturing natural lighting.

“Mrs. Pellow focuses on helping us, as photographers, strengthen our skills at taking ‘in the moment’ photos,” says Senior Katie Williams.

Photography students were pulled out of other classes in order to complete this task, during sixth period, when Dance Company was in session. After capturing photos and editing the images, they were placed on boards and were predestined to be hanged in the halls of the Artist Theatre.

The photos added an artistic setting for the hallway, and families/students observed the photos before the show and during intermission. Along the photos in the hallway, photos were also taken during the show to catch dancers in action.
Breast Cancer was the primary focus of the show and was addressed during a speech given by Dance Company before the show began. Breast Cancer is very difficult, emotionally and physically, and the Dance Company and Honors Photography took the initiative to raise money for families who are experiencing this hardship.