World War II Club fights for veterans in need

World War II Club fights for veterans in need

Brianna Brown, PR Manager

This school year, World War II Club will be hosting a clothing and food drive in order to help veterans in the Los Angeles area.  

Their main goal is to provide aid to homeless veterans by supplying necessary items. These items will also be given to veterans who have been severely injured in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Students will be encouraged to bring nonperishable food items and clothes that are in good condition. Currently, the club is in contact with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the Marines, located at Camp Pendleton, and hopes to contact other nonprofit organizations.

The club is currently brainstorming what items and supplies would help homeless veterans the most.

“This food and clothing drive isn’t much, but it’s a step in the right direction. There are at least 50,000 homeless veterans on the streets today, and barely anything is being done about it. That is sickening, considering that those are the same men and women who would lay down their lives to defend us,” said senior Dillon Gaboury.

Students of the club gain awareness about the hardships of war and learn how many individuals risk their lives for the United States of America and others across the world.

Many clubs are organizing food and clothing drives during the seasonal holidays. The holidays are a great time to give back to the community and to be appreciative for what we have.

“Be thankful everyday for what you have because the future’s never guaranteed,” said English teacher and club advisor Sean Mehegan.

WWII Club has created an environment for students to show their passion for European History. They talk about controversial topics regarding events that occurred in World War II, and they watch documentaries, as well, to broaden their understanding of the war.

Come to Mr. Mehegan’s room (54) during lunch on Fridays to participate.