LBHS All-Star players

Will Clark, Sports Editor

On Saturday, April 23 at Cypress College, the best basketball players from across Orange County faced off in the 2016 All-Star game. Every year, this prestigious game features the most skilled players from high schools in Orange County.

This game included a few talented LBHS athletes, such as Jackie Cenan, Alex Lewis and Darin Richardson. All of these athletes played an incredible season of basketball, earning them a spot on the esteemed team.

“Advice I am giving players is to have fun and let it fly. This should be an offensive showcase, so we want to score…a lot,” said girls basketball coach Mark Lewis.

It undoubtedly will be an offensively charged game with the help of LBHS seniors Jackie Cenan, who lead the Breakers in scoring, averaging 19 points per game, and Alex Lewis, who averaged 14 points and 9 rebounds per game.

“I feel so excited and honored to play in this game. I have attended the past three years’ All-Star games to watch my favorite players, and I think playing in the game is the perfect way to end my high school career,” said Cenan in anticipation of the game.

Undoubtedly, it was a great experience for these player to compete at such a high level.

The game also featured LBHS senior Darin Richardson. Richardson led the Breakers to a third round finish in CIF.

“I’m most excited to have a super competitive game of basketball filled with insane highlights,” said Richardson.

Richardson earned his way to the 2016 All-Star game after an outstanding season, averaging 13 points per game.  

“The biggest thing is work ethic. He has one of the best work ethics that I’ve ever seen come through the program. He was our hardest worker on the basketball floor, hardest worker in the weight room, hardest worker on the track. He just improved so much over four years,”  said boys basketball coach Bret Fleming.

The games went very well. The boys from the south, featuring our own Darin Richardson, won their game. Richardson scored nine points during the game and tied for the most three point shots during the three-point shootout prior to the game.

“The best part of the game was playing with all my teammates. We had an awesome time playing together, and it felt like we’ve been playing together for a while,” said Richardson.

On the girls’ side, the northern team prevailed; however, it was a great game nevertheless. Cenan played point guard throughout the game.

“The game was an all around amazing experience that I will never forget. Although we didn’t win, my teammates and I played hard and worked well together,” said Cenan.