Seniors awarded scholarships at Honors Convocation

Abigail Roedersheimer, News Editor

On Friday, June 2, $437,000 was awarded to the LBHS graduating class of 2023 by the Laguna Beach High School Scholarship Foundation. 

This spring, 130 different scholarships were offered, and all senior applicants who were awarded attended a workshop that reviewed how to accept scholarships with decorum. 

The Red Guyer Athletic Scholarship, which was established in 1989 in memory of Guyer, who served as the first LBHS athletic director for 37 years, gives $500 to its recipient each year.   

“Don Guyer [Red’s son] was honored by the LBHSSF this year for his longevity and commitment to offering this scholarship,” said Patty Tacklind, the Scholarship and Financial Aid Specialist at LBHS. 

The largest scholarship offered is that of the Festival of the Arts, which is $5,000 and renewable for four years. There were six recipients from four different categories: Film (Cruiz Lynn), Performing Arts (Lila Goldstein and Alea Dillow), Visual Arts (Ava Roop and Agata Shamis) and Writing (Lauren Trautenberg).

Patricia Tacklind, the Scholarship and Financial Aid Specialist at LBHS, recognized additional scholarships of particular significance:

1) Ebell Club Scholarship, est. 1947, $1,000 – “The Ebell Club of Laguna Beach was founded in 1933 and has been supporting our community for more than 80 years. They help across a broad spectrum of need, including education, health, welfare, and community spirit, focusing on ongoing support of organizations that fulfill those needs, as well as assisting in cases of sudden need.

Ebell was the first scholarship presented by the high school. The top twenty five students of the graduating class with at least 80 community service hours are eligible to apply.”

Recipients: Sai Machiraju, Sai Bassett, Zoey Cutter, Chloe Duong

2) Dick Metz Surf Foundation Scholarship, est. 2003, $1,000 – “This award should go to a student who would otherwise finds it difficult to attend college, a four year college or a community college.This scholarship is not intended to go to the highest academic performers but instead to a senior who has a GPA between 2.5 & 3.5 The recipient of this award should come from a moderate to low-income family and need the financial assistance for college tuition. Finally, the recipient of this award should demonstrate good moral character and have an interest in the ocean/surfing.”

Recipients: Ava Lipscomb, Scout Mitchell

3) Soroptimist International Laguna Beach Branch, est. 1960, $1,000 – “Soroptimist is an international organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. 

The Laguna Beach branch of Soroptimist International established this scholarship in 1960 in memory of Alberta Patterson. She was associated with LBHS and designated a trust fund to provide a scholarship for students interested in a teaching career.

The Soroptimists give 2 other scholarships as well.”

Recipients: Agata Shamis, Kirra Moore, Allie Swellen, Charlotte Riches, Jana Jocic, Cadence Peery

4) Red Guyer Athletic Scholarship, est. 1989, $500 – “This scholarship was established in September 1989 in memory of Maurice “Red” Guyer, who for 37 years was a teacher, coach and the first athletic director at Laguna Beach High School (1934 – 1969).

Recipient: Jacob Castro

5) April & Daphne Crevier Family Foundation Scholarship, est. 2000, $1,000 – “In 2000, the Daphne Crevier Memorial Scholarship was created by Donnie Crevier in honor of his mother, Daphne Crevier. In 2001 the April Crevier Memorial Scholarship was created by Donnie Crevier in honor of his sister April Crevier. The fundamental purpose of these scholarships is to recognize, honor and provide financial support to assist motivated and determined seniors attend college.

*Sidenote from Mrs. Tacklind: “Donnie is an amazing man. He is always looking for ways to help people who need it. He also sponsors the Charla Ilgner Art with a Heart Crevier Family Foundation Scholarship in the name of a teacher who, in Donnie’s words, took his ‘aimless, struggling self’ and gave him a future. Here is the description of his scholarship:”

The inspiration for the scholarship is to honor a student who embodies similar characteristics to former LBHS art teacher Charla Ilgner. Charla was an incredible artist and teacher who complimented and encouraged her students. Charla was in tune with students and would cheer them on and offer meaningful direction when a student would “drift.” Through her unselfish acts, Charla inspired and motivated those around her. Charla knocked on the door of those who needed support rather than waiting for them to come to her, and her actions helped change the trajectory of students’ lives.”

Recipients: Jacob Castro, Samantha Flores, Jack Herick, Jana Jocic, Charles Ordaz, Cadence Peery, Spencer Schlaich, Agata Shamis, Allie Swellen, Rehan Ameen

6) Dr. Steven and Mrs. Lor Speach Community College Scholarship, est. 2008, $1,000 – “This scholarship was started in 2008 by the Speach family who strongly believes in the value of the community college education. The goal of this program is to assist and motivate deserving students to realize their full academic potential.”

Recipients: Katelyn Halvorson, Mia Hernandez, Scout Mitchell, Jake Mauro, Charles Ordaz, Bella Piskun, Aaron Poe, Jackson Rodriguez, Noah Zoller

7) Hanson, Wilson, Tempest Sober Service Award, est. 2012, $5,000 – “Hanson Family members are alumni of LBHS, and have been attending the high school since 1976. Four children and fourteen grandchildren have or are currently benefiting from the high school and its programs. This award has been established to recognize this contribution to our family’s education.

The Hanson, Wilson, Tempest Sober Service award has been established to recognize those students who show an all around strength of character by striving to become well-rounded individuals, including showing strength in academics, while performing service and abstaining from drugs and alcohol.”

Recipients: Sai Machiraju, Ani Hovanesian

8) Massen Greene Foundation Scholarship, est. 2014, $5,000 – “This scholarship was established by the Massen Greene Foundation in partnership with the Laguna Beach Community Foundation to offer average performing students who show potential and financial need, a leg up to pursue their dreams of attending college in pursuit of studies related to the Environment.”

Recipients: Scout Mitchell, Emmy Holtschneider, Sylvie Henry, Molly Starr

9) James Patrick Vincent & Marian Pickens Fagan Scholarship Fund, est. 1992, $3,000 – “This scholarship was established following the passing of Marian Fagan and offered for the first time in 1992. The potential of the recipient, not just the grade point average, will be considered and emphasis should be placed on those students who express a desire to go to medical school or enter other health related careers.”

Recipients: Jacob Castro, Uma Bhatia, Chloe Duong, Rosabella Murphy