Ms. Anderson embraces Disney 100th Anniversary Celebration’s gratitude


Disney 100 winners celebrate together as they enjoy their Disney trip. Sharing wonder, creativity, and imagination brings them together.

Chloe Falk, Reporter

Ms. Anderson, a Global Studies and US History teacher here at LBHS, has made efforts to make her classroom exciting and engaging for her students, and people recognize it. Earlier this May, the teacher decided she wanted to showcase her efforts by applying to the Disney 100th anniversary celebration, where they select applicants and honor them for their creativity and imagination as educators. By being selected, Ms. Anderson won a stay at the Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel, an opportunity to experience the Disney Imagination Campus, and a spot in the special teachers’ parade down Main Street. The winners were chosen out of almost 8,000 applicants across the United States 

“Everybody that I interacted with that worked for Disney on that weekend was congratulating me and thanking me for my work as a teacher,” said Shelby Anderson.

Disney held events honoring the winners and had speakers during their breakfast and dinners with all the winners.

You could tell that the guest speakers were really coming from the heart with the things that they were saying,” said Anderson, “A lot of them talked about how their mom was a teacher, or their dad was a teacher, and the impact that those people had on their lives.”

Ms. Anderson was chosen to be honored at this event, and there are obvious reasons why. Her students appreciate her and what she does. She puts so much effort into her classroom to make it enjoyable for her students.

“I love Ms. Anderson’s classroom atmosphere and how kind she always is to every student. She has a very engaging teaching style and makes learning US history interesting.” said 11th-grade student Kate Parker.

Her classroom is very unique as Ms. Anderson has been collecting historical artifacts for years to display in her classroom. She has collected historical keepsakes like uniforms, posters, trunks, etc.

“I really kind of jump-started this hobby when I found that there was a reason to collect other than just for my own interest,” said Anderson, “Getting to bring these things in has an impact and helps students understand what we are talking about or what we have been researching.”

Anderson’s classroom is exceptional to the rest of LBHS’ classroom norms, that’s what makes her the successful teacher she is. 

“I appreciate how Ms. Anderson always wants to learn and be a part of her students’ lives. I think she makes a positive impact on all of her students and wants them to succeed,” said 11th-grade student Parker Forgash.