Senior Bucket List – Senior Edition 2023

B&P Staff

Tyler Montgomery True happiness.
Karsyn Crawford Skydive.
Avalon Bencz Travel to every continent.
Kaelyn Rudolph Travel the world.
Lorenzo Lahijani Skydive.
Lucas McKibben Skydive.
Kate Allen Travel to every continent.
Jeremiah Kanter I’ve already completed everything.
Kenna Rudolph Travel to every continent.
Camden Gilles Retire early.
Jake Mauro Study abroad at a Japanese university.
Sal Ciulla Achieve a happy life and a job I love.
Mollie Moran Backpacking through Europe.
Rory Beckner Become a pro league bowler.
Ryan Smith Compose or at least contribute music to a successful show, movie, or game.
Aidan Mulkay Buy a Ferrari.
Brady Bumgardner Climb Mount Whitney with my dad and brothers.
Will Goodwin Go to Indonesia.
Jack Turner Make them racks, go skydiving and retire on a tropical island.
Griffin Naess Live a good life.
Bijan Daneshmand Be better to my kids than my father was to me.
Jackson Rodriguez Make it to the NFL.
Jana Jocic Make money.
Auston Hutcheon Own a restaurant.
Luke Meisberger See the Northern Lights.
Bella Rasmussen Free diving with sharks.
Andrew Kelleher Skydive.
Hayden Gamble Become a firefighter.
Preston Patterson Be good at volleyball.
Hayley Holder Create a short film and submit to Sundance.
Oscar Jacquez Fight a polar bear.
Hana Hagen Live in all my favorite cities around the world.
Emmy Holtschneider Dive in Australia, create a wildlife organization, and work for the NFL as a medical practitioner.
Micah Chavez Skydive.
Mimi Hartley 1. Travel the world
2. Become a well known architect
3. Build my own home
Benji Jenkins Go to Croatia.
Benjamin Neufeld Visit each national park in America, go to Norway, and
Charlie Mott Have a fun college experience and have a successful and exciting career.
Ethan Porter Visit Rome and Italy.
Sean Nguyen Be a good dad.
Natalie Ralston Meet Hayden Christensen.
Ethan Kfoury Travel the world, work on cars, and spend time with family.
Jared Moline I would like to work at a brokerage.
Noah Liao I want to travel all around the world before I get older.
Yodi Carrucciu Van life for at least a few months.
Aidan Moss Travel to Japan.
Gavin Zaengle Travelling to as many continents/countries as I can.
Kamran Mohseni I would like to purchase my dream car which is a Lamborghini Urus (Lambo Truck).
Charles Ordaz Save others.
Aidan Malm Own my own business.
Kaiyal Das Climb Mount Everest – naked.
Myles Freeman Go to space.
Coleman Judd Perfect some form of art.
Oliver Thompson Stop a naked man before he makes it to the top of Mount Everest.
Dylan Weeks Go on a surf trip in Tahiti.
Luke Fazio Live everyday likes it’s my last.
Noah Landa Go to space.
Brandon Yee Travel to as many countries as I can.
Natalie Sutton Drive to Alaska and take my car on a ferry to Russia.
May Chapman Live in another country.
Samuel Mendoza 1) Make a lot of money
2) Help a lot of people
3) Take every opportunity
Nicolas Moore Win a grand slam tournament in tennis.
Tiba Rouhi Work toward getting both a medical and law degree.
Samantha Flores Court Side play off game Golden State Warriors vs. Lakers
Lily Gabora Sing in front of a crowd of at least 100,000 people.
Cameron Kirstein Get my graduate degree and own a home.
Alyssa Decker Vacation and hit Italy, France, Korea, and Japan during my lifetime!
Madison Duong Work for Nintendo and be a part of creating some of my favorite game franchises that made me so happy as a kid.
Jackson Rowley World Peace
Mason Herr Visit every national park.
Caleb Densmore Travel the world.
Abigail Roedersheimer Meet a president.
Colin Kidd Travel to every continent.
mara williams Live in a van and travel the world full-time.
Sam Garwal Travel to every continent.
Chris Hemsley Own a house in Laguna.
Hannah Williams Remain happy.
Cleo Washer Skydive.
Alea Dillow Climb Half Dome in Yosemite and Angel’s Landing in Zion!
Luna Marriner Become an ambassador for the United States.
Marlene Schaffer Start making videos and putting my ideas out into the world!
Cruiz Lynn
Be nominated for an Oscar or even win, any opportunity would be a dream.
Logan Ribarich Make a big impact on the engineering community of the world.
Sabrina Yang Do a perfect Jennifer Coolidge impression.
Chloe Lawson Be a millionaire.
Makenna Jenal Go to Greece for a summer.
Gage Robben Surf G Land
Scarlett Wheaton Have floor seats at the Oscars.
Bella Rose Piskun Getting on Varsity volleyball.
Lila Goldstein Go to a rave just to try it.
AJ Rodriguez Drive a Ford GT MK2.
Hutton Ledger -Scoring beautiful waves in Indonesia
-Going to Italy
-Living in Laguna
James Golden Master the guitar and piano and bench press 405lbs.
Lauren Trautenberg Go to all of the Universal Studios theme park locations. So far, I’ve been to the ones in LA and Orlando.
Ashton Azadian Catch a Marlin or Wahoo while fishing in California.
Kate Motherway
Visit as many National Parks as possible.
Kayla Owen Travel the world.
Emmy Regal Skydive.
Chloe Duong Travel to at least 5 countries in Asia.
Ava Roop
Be a part of a stop motion animation film.
Luke Bruderer Conduct undergraduate neuroscience research.
Dempsey Sadler Go to a Kaytranada concert.
Zoey Cutter
Travel as much as I can, skydive, and swim with sharks.
nate kuiper Be rich.
Tabi McBean Meet Dylan O’Brien.
Nina Rogers Swim to Catalina Island.
Jackson Flemming Go to space.
Emmie Fong Travel to 10 different countries.
Sylvie Henry Skydive.
Baylor Lund Start my own food company.
Brooklyn Yelland
Travel as much as possible, and see as many things in my young life as I can.
Claire Anderson Skydive.
Ethan Zipstein Skydive.
Ophelia Chapman See the aurora borealis.
Miella Caouette Open up my own restaurant.
Marissa Horvath
Become the CEO of Trader Joe’s.
Chanel Goddard Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and see the northern lights.
Breea Hobrecht Skydive and drive in a race car.
Olivia Steiner Become a Juvenile Defense Attorney.
Henry Le Go to a 3 star Michelin Restaurant.
Nico Cambruzzi Live in Italy
Noah Zoller Start a huge, foolish project, like noah. It makes absolutely no difference what other people think of me.
Izzy Reichel Visit all 7 continents
Marco Wemyss Have a blast with my friends before I go to college!
Kai Wynn Be content.
Brisa Campos Being super rich.
Agata Shamis Spending a year in Italy and collaborating with my idols on future projects.
ava griffiths Go to NY Fashion Week!!
Sarah Balian Become a firefighter, hike Machu Picchu, get a drivers license
Eleanor Ramsey
Traveling everywhere and anywhere!
Tripton Babcock Travel to China
Isabella Yencho Throw a boomerang
Sai Bassett
Being able to come back to raise a family in Laguna
Lauren Short
I want to go diving with sharks, like in a cage
Natalie Ralston Sky diving
Maximo Cossa Golia I just want to be wonderful.
Ryley McDennon I’d love to travel with my friends and family.
Eva Travis go to space
Katie Halvorson Travel around Europe.
Rachael Dyrnaes I would like to go skydiving and travel.
Pearl Garcilazo Go to a Formula 1 Race
Courtney Kolodin Buying a home on my own.
Rehan Ameen Retire my Mom.
Carter Ghere Write at least 5 books.
Kaydence Daeley In this lifetime, I want to travel the world and live my life with no regrets. You only live once. My goal is to never miss an opportunity to better myself and help those around me experience their life to the fullest.
Scout Mitchell Giving back.
Ana Mani Visit every continent.
Cameron Sayed To go traveling around the world.
Gracie Christian Skydive.
Uma Bhatia Competing on Survivor has always been a dream of mine.


Note: This list is manually updated as seniors’ responses continue to fill in.