Favorite/Funniest/Fondest Memories – Senior Edition 2023

B&P Staff

First and Last Name FAVORITE MEMORY – What is your favorite class memory? It can be from elementary school, middle school, or high school! FUNNIEST MOMENT – What moment during your time at LBHS made you laugh the hardest? FONDEST MEMORY – What will you miss most about LBHS, or Laguna Beach in general, when, or if, you leave?
Tyler Montgomery Winning Socal 7s championships with our rugby team. When Jeremy Kanter did his homecoming dance. When I leave I will miss all of my friends.
Karsyn Crawford Field trips in middle school. Hanging out with my friends in class. My friends and teachers.
Avalon Bencz Don’t park in the district. Talking with my friends in Mr. Brusky’s English 12 class. All of the events and friends I have here.
Kaelyn Rudolph Learning how to put in an IV in Medical Core. Pep rallies. Seeing the faces of the people I grew up with.
Lorenzo Lahijani Junior year prom pep rally. Taylor Towe’s Prom dance. I will miss the environment, people, and teachers the most.
Lucas McKibben Winning my senior night volleyball game. Friends.
Jeremiah Kanter Hitsticking all my friends in football practice, especially Micah Chavez. When Noah was eating meat and the football coach caught him. Lunch.
Kenna Rudolph When a goat got locked in a classroom at Top of the World. Sabrina Yang on the bus to an away game. I will miss playing basketball with my team.
Camden Gilles Pitching in a baseball game. Jeremy Kanter’s homecoming dance. Always being by the beach.
Jake Mauro Going to Knott’s Berry Farm in 5th grade. Ceramics class with my tablemates. The high school experience. And leaving my teenage years behind and moving on to the adult world/ the real world.
Sal Ciulla The school camping trip in 8th grade. Photography class with Nick and Dylan. The school.
Mollie Moran Mrs. Wong bringing our class her favorite chinese meals/snacks throughout the year (3rd grade)
Ryan Smith I’ll miss having no homework most nights.
Aidan Mulkay Absolutely blowing up Alessondro Llamas in football practice. Playing Madden on a TV during class. I am going to miss the beaches and endless views.
Brady Bumgardner Playing Fortnite on the TV in math class. Playing baseball on the field with a broom and a tennis ball during a class break. I will miss seeing the ocean everyday and feeling cozy in my hometown.
Will Goodwin The Catalina trip in middle school. AP Gov pre-workout. I’ll definitely miss football games and pep rallies the most.
Griffin Naess Last few weeks of school every year. Lunchtime. The baseball team.
Bijan Daneshmand My first day at Thurston Middle School. I was brand new, never been there before, and when I walked into my first period class, I met my best friend. I will miss the old times. Hanging with my boys Jackson and Caleb because trios normally don’t work, but we are just straight chillin. My friends.
Jana Jocic Breaking the 100 breast stroke record my sophomore year. I crashed my car right in front of Main Beach, and everyone saw. I will miss 50% off frozen yogurt every friday at Active Culture.
Luke Meisberger The community and friendships I’ve built and been a part of for so many years of my life.
Bella Rasmussen Winning a CIF Championship with the guys I’d grown up with. I’ll miss football the most. As time consuming as it was, it was the best part of high school.
Andrew Kelleher Waterpolo tournament in Santa Barbara. I am going to miss my peers, the teachers, and the sense of community here.
Hayden Gamble Delivering a baby in my EMT class. The campus.
Preston Patterson Cooking at the senior camping trip. John B’s Birthday Bash. Smoking a brisket solo
Hayley Holder Freshman year pep rallies. 2nd Senior camping trip. The teachers.
Oscar Jacquez Kindergarten finger painting. Never laughed in my life. My fondest memory was when I was right about to dunk Ashton Azadian, and I slipped and fell.
Hana Hagen All the dances! I am going to miss the friends that I have made in my classes that I don’t hang out with outside of school.
Emmy Holtschneider Friday night football games and all of the fun activities that Laguna holds.
Micah Chavez Coming to school after winning the CIF Championship. Watching Aaron Poe perform Jesus Walks at lunch. Winning the CIF Championship for the first time in 76 years.
Mimi Hartley Going to Knott’s in 8th grade and the senior camping trip. When our graduating class brought the Homecoming ‘2023’ boards out incorrectly. I will miss all of my soccer memories, as well as the dance concerts. I will also miss my teachers. For Laguna Beach, I will miss the whole community and the Pageant of the Masters as most of my friends are in it.
Benji Jenkins Senior camping trip. Zoom classes. I will miss the beautiful town and campus, and how close our community is.
Benjamin Neufeld Walking to Señor Garvey’s class not only gaining expertise in the Spanish language but learning and understanding life skills/wisdom from him. Chris Hemsley going in at the end of one of our basketball games just to take 2 chargers as well as fouling the other team twice. I’ll miss the colours the sun pours on to our sky when night sets and when the fog roles in from the beaches but stops mid-way up the hills. Most importantly, I’ll miss the community that I’m grateful to live in. This includes my friends, family, and peers.
Charlie Mott Playing water polo and creating memories and friendships with my teammates that will last forever. Being teammates with Dylan Weeks and Vik Kaas in my junior year. The friendships and connections that I had with various groups of people throughout all grade levels. I’ll miss waterpolo and the grind of working and playing with my team.
Cadence Peery My entire family including grandparents and cousins are all within minutes from each other. It’s going to be hard not being a part of the family dinners or get togethers. The longest I’ve been apart from my grandma in my life is 3 weeks, so it’ll be so different. And I want to be there for my little sister and I’m going to be so sad that I’m missing her growing up. I’ll be back though to help her shop for her Prom dresses in 4 years.
Ethan Porter Watching movies in Mr. Hendro’s class. Taylor Towe’s pep rally dance. Getting to be with my friends every day.
Sean Nguyen Spending time with friends. When we did an activity in Mr. Brusky’s classroom with two different tribes. I will miss my underclassmen friends, teachers, staffs that are currently at the high school.
Natalie Ralston Yoga buddies in elementary school. Falling out of a chair.
Mia Denise Hernandez The rare lunch table conversation with my friends.
Ethan Kfoury Getting Cane’s and eating with all my friends during lunch. The time I pulled out a candle in Mr. Brusky’s class. Spending time in the quad and walking around campus.
Jett Hamil Recess. Recess. Recess.
Jared Moline Having some of the best teachers and counselors that helped me get through this end of the year. When this kid named Arron started making fun of every kid in the class. When I found some great friends.
Noah Liao I will miss the people that I knew the most.
Yodi Carrucciu
Andre Reese Halloween. The view from the school and the beautiful beaches.
Aidan Moss Winning the CIF championship football game.
Gavin Zaengle Winning the CIF Championship in football. Hanging out with Kaiyal Das during class. What I will miss most about LBHS when I leave is the strength of our tight-knit community.
Kamran Mohseni The dances. They were really fun. Aaron Poe on a daily basis makes me laugh very hard. I will miss seeing a lot of my colleagues go away. Hopefully, I can reunite with them later on.
Charles Ordaz Reconnecting with the people I went to elementary school with. I left from El Morro Elementary in the fourth grade and came back to Laguna Beach my junior year. I will miss the friends/family I have made among the staff and students on campus.
Joey Capobianco Catalina camping trip.
Taylor Towe Senior camping trip #1.
Aidan Malm Senior year football games. Señor Gonzales confiscating items. The experiences I had inside and outside of the classroom and the friends that I made.
Kaiyal Das When my teachers are not there. When my friends and I are all together hanging out. I will the people the most
Myles Freeman Winning a CIF Championship for the first time in 70 years. Just cracking up to jokes with my friends in class. I will miss the community the most. The teachers, staff, and students.
Coleman Judd When I locked Andrew Kelleher in the tunnel under the street. I will miss Taylor Towe.
Oliver Thompson Playing ping pong. Probably school, that’s what most people say after high school.
Dylan Weeks Scoring the second goal of the game at home on senior night. I will miss going out with all my close friends.
Luke Fazio Playing Scattergories in Mrs. Merritt’s class. Sophomore year frosh-soph baseball.
Noah Landa Winning the CIF championship for the first time in 75 years. When Jeremy and Tatiana did their homecoming dance at the pep rally. I will miss being with my friends.
Brandon Yee Everything about APUSH. Playing giant uno in Mrs. Quigley’s class. Track and field junior year.
Natalie Sutton Going to the beach on the last day of school with my whole class. Too many to count. I will miss when I see people walking around campus during class time and for some reason it’s always funny.
May Chapman Hanging out with my friends in classes that I’m not in and solving crossword puzzles. Yoga class, especially savasana at the end.
Samuel Mendoza Playing ping-pong, soccer, or chess during lunch with Henry. Preston announcing to the class the first job to exist. Good band practices, allowing us to see the reality of how good we are after so much hard work.
Nicolas Moore On my 18th birthday when Sam played Happy Birthday on the trombone in my English Class. Scott SCOTUS videos from our AP Gov class. Our fantastic teachers. I have been to many schools and none have had teachers as fantastic as the ones here.
Tiba Rouhi Making really good friends my junior and senior year.
Samantha Flores When I swallowed a magnet. Ravi. My friends and teachers.
Lily Gabora Being crowned Homecoming Queen! During distance learning, I was on my Zoom call, and I had a full-on conversation with my friend not realizing I was unmuted. I will miss the amazing staff, teachers, aides, and campus supervisors.
Cameron Kirstein Mrs. Quigley yelling “SLAY!” before we went to take the Calculus AB AP exam. Playing with projector filters in Mrs. Merritt’s class and finding the inverted colors opgion that makes her hand look like “the hand of god.” I’ll miss being so close to a Shirley’s… getting a good chai before school is a game changer.
Alyssa Decker Mrs Brady placed multiple $100 bets on the Manifest Destiny appearing in the 2022 APUSH Exam (the Manifest Destiny did was not mentioned a single time on the entire exam, MCQ or FRQ). That bet was never cashed but I still admire her confidence. This semester I taught our SRO Fred Yeilding and Mrs. Lundblad how to griddy and I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard. Shout out to the staff who participated in the staff dance and made it a hit in the dance concert! My fondest memory from LBHS happened during a pep rally when K-Pop club performed and everyone turned on all their phone flashlights to make the LBHS crowd look like stars. Im going to miss performing at this school so much! Love y’all.
Madison Duong Mini Societies in 5th grade (go Ms. Chen’s Rainbow Brains!!!) When we played Scattergories, Mrs. Merritt dismissed my team’s answer “keyholder” for the topic of “furniture starting with the letter K.” Absolutely outrageous. I still can’t believe that answer is still not valid, but I remember laughing so hard when Mrs. Merritt and I argued back and forth over my answer. Definitely all my friends and the teachers/staff that have given me endless support throughout my high school experience.
Jackson Rowley Capture the flag at Thurston. Sandy Jones Surfing in the summer with all of my friends.
Cole Curtis Meeting all my friends in middle school. Some actor in the middle school play breaking the stage at Thurston while dancing The teachers that helped me get to where I am.
Mason Herr I am going to miss the camaraderie at LBHS, especially on the basketball team.
Caleb Densmore Thurston with the boys. Everyday in Anatomy was hilarious. Shout out to Mrs. Hartford. I’ll miss the beauty and surf.
Abigail Roedersheimer Meeting some of my friends in 6th grade math and making a ton of inside jokes. Also in 8th grade math, playing Papa’s games with a group of friends during ESP. My friends and I dressing up as frat boys for spirit week and impersonating them. I will miss being able to see the ocean on my way to or in my classes.
Alex Boyd Cross country runs in the rain. The time in 7th grade when Devon Connelly fell down during the Pacer test and I dragged him across the line while he screamed “put me down put me down!” Crescent Bay barrels.
Colin Kidd Group projects in ceramics. Pep assemblies Playing baseball at LBHS and surfing at the beach.
Mara Williams
My friend group’s spontaneous adventures that last until 1 AM.
Being able to see my friends everyday.
Sam Garwal Winning the powderpuff game junior year. When Nico Cambruzzi danced for winter formal. The view of the city at night.
Chris Hemsley Prom. Aaron Poe rapping at Pep Assemblies—he’s great, though! The incredible staff for always being amazing.
Hannah Williams Getting to go off campus. Mrs. Mooers 2nd period class junior year The feeling of family.
Cleo Washer Pep rallies or anything ASB related. When we were told we would be off of school for 2 weeks and it turned into a whole year. Thanks, COVID. Laying in the quad on a nice sunny day when the fake grass is warm while everyone is playing spike ball.
Alea Dillow Getting a piñata for our end of the year APUSH party. Powderpuff practices in junior and senior year! I’m going to miss going for hikes during my free periods and going off campus for lunch with my friends.
Luna Marriner Going to lunch with Mr. Duddy in fifth grade. Having to play the dog game in the pep assembly. The teachers.
Marlene Schaffer Winning the popsicle bridge contest in middle school. Ours held 100+ pounds! The entirety of Mr. Brobeck’s class; he is absolutely hilarious and always brought a great vibe with him. I’ll miss the hills and the landscape. Laguna really is beautiful, and I’m incredibly fortunate to have grown up here.
Cruiz Lynn Being able to get a personal foul in my very first game in football against Godinez. I will greatly miss the school’s environment, the people that welcomed me with open arms are something that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.
Logan Ribarich
When our volleyball team finally clicked at the end of the season.
Staff and the campus itself.
Sabrina Yang Children’s day in second grade with Mrs. Finnerty’s class and singing karaoke in engineering class. Gossiping in Engineering class with Uma Bhatia and Russell Franconi-Krychman. I will miss seeing all my friends and teachers everyday :((((
Chloe Lawson Ms. Selway teaching me to stick pennies on the wall with energy. Any moment with Emmie Fong. I’ll miss my cat, Tino.
Makenna Jenal Summer of 2020 where everyone went surfing every day. When our coach’s dog ran into the locker room showers with us. The views, weather, and many teachers that shaped me to be strong.
Gage Robben
Catalina 6th grade camp will always be a fond memory of mine.
Giving up surf sessions right after and before school.
Scarlett Wheaton Singing “Take A Chance” on student night and the audience screaming so loud I couldn’t hear the music. Hearing a roar from the bathroom and finding the forever flushing toilet. Picking up my favorite foods and sunsets on the beach.
Bella Rose Piskun Going to Knott’s in 8th grade and dancing in the halftime show. Pep rallies. I will miss my teachers, the staff, and my 2023 classmates.
Lila Goldstein Sold-out opening night of my senior show, Mamma Mia. The pelican in the English hallway in my junior year. I’ll miss the opportunity to create dances in a great space and with great lighting!
AJ Rodriguez My friends and I screaming the lyrics of “Country Roads” as loud as we could in the boy’s locker room. When I fell off my chair in the middle of English class. The friends, teachers, environment and the staff.
Hutton Ledger Having subs. When Andrew got locked in the tunnel that leads to the high school pool. Being less than five minutes from the ocean.
James Golden When Preston Patterson farted in Mr. Matheson’s history class in 7th grade. When Ashton did a presentation in AP English about Minecraft. I will miss how small and beautiful our campus is.
Kate Trevino
I will miss being a part of the LBHS theatre department.
Lauren Trautenberg Playing Just Dance to Shakira songs with Señora Garcia in Spanish class. Someone did their English presentation on clowns and “My Little Pony” instead of Wuthering Heights and witnessing Mrs. Steel go through 5 stages of grief watching it. I am going to miss performing with Strings and laughing with you guys in class.
Ashton Azadian Doing the Passion Project my freshman year in Mrs. Kaa’s class. Definitely cracking up jokes in Mr. Brobeck’s AP Lang class my senior year along with presenting my current event project about the famous Minecraft youtuber, Dream (30/30 points!). I am really going to miss chilling/surfing at Thalia after school, every weekend, and summer with my friends.
Kate Motherway I’ll miss driving on PCH (that dip by the ocean near Crystal Cove) with my friends blasting music.
Kayla Owen Cheering on the football team when they made CIF playoffs. I will miss my friends, the beach, and the atmosphere when I leave Laguna Beach.
Emmy Regal
When Abby Roedershimer fell in the district parking lot wearing high heels.
The beach.
Chloe Duong Playing Overcooked and Just Dance in Mrs. Quigley’s class at the end of junior year. Any moment in Mrs. Merritt’s Engineering class this year. Being able to have beach days during my free period.
Sai Machiraju
Our high school MUN trips to Boston in 2020 and 2023 were memorable bonding experiences!
The people! Laguna Beach residents are some of the most kind, thoughtful, and interesting people I have encountered.
Luke Bruderer Talking about how awesome the freedom in college is instead of doing math in 2nd grade. Mrs. Merritt during any pep rally or dance. Its teachers and faculty. Some of the best if not the best in every position.
Zoey Cutter Isa Sabol getting body slammed by Aidan Mulkay in the pep rally bubble game. Being next door to the beach every day and going to the beach to study.
Tabi McBean Our entire class’ junior year prom bus fiasco. Pep rallies. The friendships I’ve made and the strong sense of community we have within our class.
Nina Rogers Pep rallies. Being in AP Gov class. I will miss all of the stay-at-home mothers.
Jackson Flemming
Señora Johnson’s Spanish 1 class.
I will miss being able to see the ocean from my class.
Emmie Fong The beach and the weather.
Sylvie Henry Aaron Poe performing Kanye’s “Homecoming” at the pep rally. Watching Isa Sabol go flying in a hamster ball, courtesy of Aidan Mulkay. The beach!!
Baylor Lund Saige and Hailey fighting. I will miss the carbon coconut water fountain.
Brooklyn Yelland I have grown up with the same people and attended school with some of them for 12 years now. I am forever grateful for the memories made and I will miss the family like culture in Laguna.
Claire Anderson Isabela Reichel and I would go on different adventures during our free third periods in senior year. My favorite one was going to a petting zoo. When Emmy Regal broke her nose at the 2022 powderpuff game. I’ll miss the atmosphere that Laguna Beach and LBHS has, there’s no other school like it.
Ethan Zipstein
Ophelia Chapman
Going to a Boston MUN conference my freshman year and going back to Boston with MUN as a senior.
My fondest memories are of the amazing friends I’ve made here.
Chanel Goddard I love my friends in Mr. Brusky’s class. Mr. Todd’s stories. My friends and Mrs. Johnson’s lunches with my 2021 class.
Breea Hobrecht
When I absolutely wiped out and had to stop cheering at a football game in the pouring rain because out of four years of cheering, slipping on letters on a track was the only time I ever got even slightly injured.
Olivia Steiner Our senior camping trips. Dance Company.
Lauren Martin
The weather and LBHS’s ocean view
Henry Le Performing with K-pop club for the first time ever dancing! Throwing paper balls at each other during an MUN debate about Brexit. I will miss cooking with my friends.
Nico Cambruzzi The views
Noah Zoller Becoming president of Fashion Club and fit-checking Mr. Alvarez. Making and giving Luke Meisberger a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself. I miss using all the fun printers in Multi-Media and making things from engraved glasses to stickers to making t-shirts.
Izzy Reichel
Summer Cross Country training in Mammoth
Running with my team
Marco Wemyss The first senior camping trip! Kidnapping the people who were elected to homecoming court. iykyk The energy here. I love my teacher, classes and friends. There is an amazing vibe that the staff helps cultivate. I can’t help but smile when I’m here!
Kai Wynn
Playing uno in Mrs. Perkin’s physics class junior year.
Finley Janssen The warm weather
Devyn Linder The awkward zoom break out rooms When the fire alarms when randomly go off.
I will miss being able to call myself out of school.
Brisa Campos My favorite memory in elementary school was when a goat ran around the school Eating lunch with my friends in the car and having the funniest conversations I’m gonna miss my friends and all the people I’ve met in my classes and sports who made my days memorable
Agata Shamis Baking a cake for Mr.Garvey the day after prom with everyone from the Spanish class. Nico and James’ AP Gov videos for sure. The conversations I have with teachers and staff. I really enjoy spending time with Mrs.Gregory and Mrs.Brady so I’m going to miss them especially.
ava griffiths
When a goat got loose on the TOW campus.
Cramming all my friends in my car and going on spontaneous 12 hr adventures.
Sarah Balian
Listening to Mr. Todd’s fascinating stories about San Clemente. I’ll miss you Mr Todd!
Eleanor Ramsey Mostly I remember lots of funny people who created lots of funny moments. Running into people I know all over town!
Tripton Babcock The lighting storm that struck the gym in middle school. When Aaron poe sang kanye during the pep assembly The weather
Sai Bassett The polo team
Natalie Ralston Pep rallies. Falling out of my chair. My friends.
Maximo Cossa Golia Halloween 2022 My friends
Ryley McDennon I loved seeing my peers showcase their talents at quad chella and during lunch. When Mr. Todd tells stories. I will miss the moments that brought our class closer together since we haven’t always been connected with one another.
Katie Halvorson Pep rally’s and spirit weeks before a dance. Participating in pep rally games. I will miss my classmates and teachers that have got me this far and were always supportive.
Rachael Dyrnaes My favorite memory from elementary school was all the activities that were held during holidays such as the costume walk on Halloween. The moment that made me laugh the hardest was watching all my friends participate in the pep rally games. I will miss the time I am able to spend with my friends and how close the beach is.
Pearl Garcilazo
My favorite memory is when in my EMT class our teacher brought us donuts because he was late.
Lars Doring My favorite memory would have to be one of the few senior camping trip’s. Anytime I’d be in class with Bijan.
I’m gonna miss being able to see the ocean from campus for sure.
Courtney Kolodin taking our cap and gown photos in the gym when we had a mouse in Pellows room and she was on top of a table screaming i will miss the feeling of home
Rehan Ameen Playing football with my boys The boys
Carter Ghere Hopping on a Discord call with friends during a zoom call and playing Minecraft Connor Joyce getting mad at Luke in Benson’s 9th grade English class I’ll miss walking around anywhere in town and seeing at least 4 people I know
Kaydence Daeley
My favorite memory is watching our school storm the field after winning our first home semi-final football game in 60 years!
I will 100% miss going to the beach right after class.
Scout Mitchell Flash mob 5th grade at boo blast Pep rally Our View
Ana Mani the people
Gracie Christian Brusky’s class
Uma Bhatia I really enjoyed the Spanish field trips to Olvera Street in middle school and high school. They were always a really fun bonding trip. This doesn’t translate well in writing but this one time my best friend Luke Meisberger and I were having a conversation and I was being a little paranoid and he sneezed and said he thinks some of my BS got up his nose and I physically could not stop laughing. You had to be there I guess. I will miss the small-town nature of our city and school. It’s a really good feeling to walk down the halls or streets of Laguna and know most of the people you see. I will really miss the close-knit nature of our city.
Livvy Winograd Senior trip to Cabo
Every memory I have made with my amazing group of friends.


Note: This list is manually updated as seniors’ responses continue to fill in.