Senior Wills – Senior Edition 2023

B&P Staff

Tyler Montgomery I leave our rugby team’s hard Ws.
Jeremiah Kanter I leave my socks to the school cause there’s greatness in them.
Kenna Rudolph I leave behind my 3-point shooting skill to Johnni Muir, and a losing record the next season.
Camden Gilles I leave behind my game changer skills to the baseball team.
Jake Mauro I hope the underclassmen on the volleyball team strives for excellence and always stay positive.
Rory Beckner I pass on my Jersey Mike’s coupons to my younger sister Ryan.
Ryan Smith I leave behind my rapidly falling apart bass drum flipbook to the incoming freshman drummers. I also leave the right to assign who is stuck with bass drum #5 to Mallory Keller.
Brady Bumgardner I will leave behind my speedo for when Gavin Goode gets bigger.
Will Goodwin I leave behind my ability to park a car to my brother.
Griffin Naess I leave behind new pants for Ben Dawson
Bijan Daneshmand I want to leave a bracelet for one of my best friends that is a junior.
Jana Jocic I leave behind my insane humor to everyone in this fine establishment.
Luke Meisberger I hope to pass down the “yeowww” to the other grades.
Andrew Kelleher I leave my role as the ASB president to Eli Taub next year in hopes he does a good job!
Hayley Holder I leave behind my parking spot in the trenches of the neighborhood behind district.
Oscar Jacquez I leave behind all the pencils I lost.
Micah Chavez I leave behind my amazing aux during football lifts to Nico Vidaurri.
Benjamin Neufeld I leave behind the magic that lives through the V.M (Vending Machine)
Sean Nguyen I leave behind my memories and fun experiences I had with my friends and teachers.
Natalie Ralston I will my claw clip to Leah Garcia.
Jared Moline I leave behind my Apex lessons to the next lucky candidate to take my place.
Aidan Moss Parking spots
Gavin Zaengle To my sister- DO NOT take AP stats.
Kamran Mohseni I leave behind my NBA knowledge to my good friend and fellow underclassmen Brody Azadian.
Aidan Malm I leave behind the moldy lunch food from the cafeteria.
Kaiyal Das I would like to leave my brother a sense of humor because he desperately needs one.
Myles Freeman I leave behind my aggressive tackling to next years secondary.
Coleman Judd I leave behind the title of protector of the city to Eli Taub.
Dylan Weeks I leave my abilities to throw the perfect lob to Diego
Noah Landa I leave behind Lil P legacy to Nico Vidaurri.
Brandon Yee I leave behind my ability to drive to Kaijay Rose.
Natalie Sutton I leave behind my advice to travel as much as possible to my little sister.
May Chapman I leave behind my will to actually do classwork in class to Allie Nottage and Adeline Hlava.
Nicolas Moore I wish I could leave behind my love and dedication for tennis as it seems to be a lacking thing as many of our most dedicated players did not play this year.
Lily Gabora I would like to leave behind my confidence and flexibility to future graduating classes.
Cameron Kirstein I leave behind the gaps in my attendance record to my siblings.
Alyssa Decker Leaving behind the K-Popping legacy to the future pep rally performers!
Madison Duong I leave behind my endless mental battle between my stress-fueled work ethic and procrastination to next year’s editor-in-chiefs.
Mason Herr I leave behind my Mullet Mamba Mentality to Ryan Cheng.
Abigail Roedersheimer I leave behind my car to my brother.
Sam Garwal I leave behind the CIF championship to be won again by the football team next year.
Chris Hemsley I leave behind my charge abilities to Ryan Cheng.
Hannah Williams I leave behind my cheer career to Nikki Cohen.
Cleo Washer I leave behind my procrastination (so I won’t take it with me) to juniors who will leave everything to the last minute!
Alea Dillow I leave behind my ability to procrastinate until 12 am and still maintain good grades to any underclassmen taking APs.
Luna Marriner I leave behind my love for basketball to Alex Gromchevsky and Kate Cheng.
Marlene Schaffer I leave behind all of my math notes to every underclassman at LBHS; use them well, because you’re definitely gonna need them!
Cruiz Lynn I leave behind my brain.
Logan Ribarich I leave behind my legacy on the volleyball team.
Chloe Lawson I leave behind my brother.
Makenna Jenal I leave behind my seat on the bench to Izzy Sarkis.
Gage Robben I’ll leave behind my little brother.
Ella Smith
I leave behind my best smiles to Lauren Katz and Eden Tavey.
Scarlett Wheaton I leave behind my attitude to my juniors– have fun.
Bella Rose Piskun Always work hard and be kind to one another.
Lila Goldstein I leave Beach Boys to Sienna McCarthy and Hannah Malang.
James Golden I leave behind my sense of humor for my little brother.
Kate Trevino
I leave behind a box of Trader Joe’s mochi to Luxy Bynum.
Lauren Trautenberg I leave behind my college rivalry with Mr. Chung (UCLA will always be better).
Ashton Azadian I leave behind my blessing and basketball scoring abilities to my younger brother.
Rosabella Murphy Luna, good luck with senioritis.
Charlotte Riches
I would like to leave my pet capybara to sophomore Siena Jumani.
Emmy Regal I’ll leave behind my lacrosse stick for Zoe.
Sai Machiraju
I leave the MUN gavel behind to next year’s leaders.
Luke Bruderer I leave behind my ‘angry’ planner to my little brother.
Nina Rogers I leave my bueno spanish skills to my sister.
Emmie Fong I leave behind my amazing abilities to my little cousin.
Sylvie Henry I leave behind my loud cheering skills to next year’s soccer team.
Brooklyn Yelland I would like to leave behind the @lbhsvarsitygirls instagram to the younger players, and I hope they can keep the account alive.
Claire Anderson I leave behind all my shifts at Quiksilver to Maesen S. and Luna A.
Ethan Zipstein I leave behind my job to Sean Smith, and I leave a pair of normal pants to Gavin Greene.
Ophelia Chapman I leave behind my poms and box to next year’s cheer team.
Tash Denny
I leave behind the team iPad to Iza.
Breea Hobrecht I leave behind my phone charger to Marco like I promised so he can continue using it for rehearsals.
Olivia Steiner I leave behind my Macro notes to Sienna McCarthy.
Henry Le I leave behind some custom pins with my name on them from the ASB election.
Noah Zoller My silver chain & pendant to Molly Starr
Izzy Reichel I leave behind my charm and charisma to Anoua Carrié
Marco Wemyss I would like to leave behind the position as the most iconic person and bestow it upon Sydney Ford.
Devyn Linder
I leave my job at Surf n Sport to Stone Wisley.
Sarah Balian I leave behind my bad knee jokes… take over Alex.
Eleanor Ramsey I leave behind my ability to get to school really late and still find parking to Zoe … whenever she gets her license.
Tripton Babcock My ability of procrastination
Isabella Yencho I leave behind my incredible trombone skills to Peter and Haruka.
Sai Bassett I leave behind my papers to Eli.
Lauren Short I leave behined morning weight AUX to Emmy Hensley.
Natalie Ralston I would like to leave behind my math skills to Soraya Golshani and Mona Jabrin.
Eva Travis I leave behind my parking spot at the church.
Katie Halvorson I leave behind my optimism and good grades to my brother Jack Halvorson.
Rachael Dyrnaes I do not have anything I want to leave behind.
Pearl Garcilazo I leave the advice that procrastinate is not a good thing in senior year.
Jordan Schneider
I leave behind Circle to the LBHSWP team.
Courtney Kolodin The ability to be there for one another.
Fiona McCue
I leave behind my driving skills to Sienna Herdman.
Carter Ghere I will leave behind the ability to bend the rules to anyone that has any passions they want to pursue.
Scout Mitchell Joy
Gracie Christian I’ll leave behind @lbhsgirlsvarsityvolleyball on Instagram to the underclassman.
Uma Bhatia I leave behind my amazing sense of humor to Leila and my triple play ability to all of the softball girls.

Note: This list is manually updated as seniors’ responses continue to fill in.