Teacher and Staff Shout-Outs – Senior Edition 2023

B&P Staff

Tyler Montgomery Mr. Brusky and Señor Gonzalez, thanks for sharing talks about the UFC!
Karsyn Crawford Mr. Hendrickson is the best teacher I have ever had! He is one of the coolest people I ever met.
Lorenzo Lahijani Thank you Sal for being such a kind heart and for being so friendly an caring to us all in the past 4 years.
Lucas McKibben Thank you to Mr. Tu for being literally the best math teacher ever.
Kate Allen Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Mixon… thank you both for a wonderful classroom experience! I greatly appreciated the positivity in your learning environments. You both encouraged and recognized my desire to succeed, so thank you!!
Kenna Rudolph Thank you Señor Garvey because no matter what, he will have my back.
Camden Gilles Mrs. Lundblad, thank you for always pushing me to be my best self. I feel so much more prepared for life thanks to you. I’ll be sure to come visit you next year.
Jake Mauro Mrs. Hunnicutt thanks for always reading my creative writing and giving me happiness about my writing and inspiring to continue writing in my own unique way.
Sal Ciulla I’d like to shoutout Mr Brusky because he was a very kind and great teacher. He doesn’t put pressure on you and is a very understanding person. He made a class I hated fun and I appreciate that.
Rory Beckner Mrs. Mooers, thank you for completely changing my math experience. It is now something I enjoy and I always look forward to your class.
Ryan Smith Thank you Mr. Chung for always pushing me to be a better musician. Without your AP music theory class I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I may have been bad at transcribing music, but it turns out I’m not half bad at writing it.
Oliver Rounaghi Mr. Hendro was a great teacher.
Aidan Mulkay Mrs. Hsiao & Mr. Hendro: Thank you for always being there for me as a teacher when needed and a supportive advisor by getting involved into my sports and background life. I’ll miss your classes the most!
Brady Bumgardner Mr. Tu, thank you for always working with me all these years and furthering my mathematical development. I wouldn’t have been able to get through Algebra 1 or Calculus without you. Gonna miss you!
Will Goodwin Thanks to Gonzo for making every class period so fun and energetic. I’ll definitely try to study Spanish in college because of you!
Jack Turner Ms. Hsiao, thank you for helping me stay motivated, and attentive while learning Mandarin. Without you, I would not have enjoyed learning as much as I have.
Bijan Daneshmand I would like to thank Coach Max. Coach Max coached me in sophomore year and it was the best time I ever had in soccer and it is because of him. The best coach I could ask for.
Jackson Rodriguez Mrs. Selway, thank you for always encouraging me to be creative and thoughtful in my work. You helped me think outside the box and look at things from a broader perspective.
Farrah Zimmer I would like to thank Mrs. Pilon for basically being my school mother! I am so grateful for you and all that you have done for me.”
Maximus Conley Mr. Brusky, thank you for guiding me through the college essay process. My UC essays would not have been nearly as good without all the time you spent assisting me. I highly doubt I would be going to my dream college if not for your help.
Ethan Spiegel Mr. Brobeck, thank you being such a cool teacher who also has a great throwing arm.
Jana Jocic Mrs. Garcia, thank you so much for changing my opinion on language studies. You were able to make a student who despised public speaking to a student that doesn’t mind it at all. I would never be able to be so outspoken in class without you, I will miss you so much and I thank you a ton!
Luke Meisberger I’d like to thank Mrs. Merritt for being such a huge role model to me and always looking out for me and my classmates. You always brought out the best in me and pushed me to be the best version of myself. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me and my interest in Engineering and my career path was greatly influenced by you and your classes. Thank you.
Bella Rasmussen Mrs. Kaa, you taught me very early on that my best is enough and to never let school bring me down. Thank you for giving me a path to embrace my love for reading. And thank you for giving Mia a safe space at school <3
Hayden Gamble Mr. Brobeck, thank you for always being so friendly and funny. You shred on the mountain, and I can’t wait to see you next year up in SV when we hit the slopes.
Preston Patterson Mrs. Merritt was one of the most down to Earth teachers I have known. She is always ready to teach and she will always make sure to inject her personality in the class. I’m very glad to have taken Engineering!
Hayley Holder Mr. Brusky thank you for showing your passion of literature through assignments that students can dissect and apply into their lives. Thank you for doing what you do we appreciate you so much.
Oscar Jacquez Shout out to Ms. Brooker and Sal, best teacher and staff members.
Hana Hagen Señor Garvey, thank you for being so understanding and always willing to put 110% in to helping me and each and every student that reaches out. I am so glad you have been my teacher 3 out of the 4 years of my Spanish journey; it has been so special!
Emmy Holtschneider Mr. Wittkop, thanks for always keeping me in check.
Micah Chavez Thank you Mr. Chung for making music so fun for me and keeping up with Kaiyal and I every day. You have helped me with so much and made school not feel so serious. I’m going to miss stopping class to talk about sports.
Mimi Hartley Ms. Pellow, thank you for being a great teacher/mentor. I will miss being in your class next year. Ms. Fratzke, thank you for being a great dance teacher, and I feel that you have really improved. I loved being in your class, and I will miss dancing in the dance concert.
Benji Jenkins Mrs. Hsiao, Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement over the past 4 years. Throughout my time as a student, I have never had a teacher who was as dedicated and hard working as you. Although I am not the best at Mandarin, thank you for never giving up on me.
Benjamin Neufeld Sal aka Sally Jones Jr., you have done so much more for this school than you think. Each student here and I know this for a fact have appreciated your comfort and guidance. Stay chill Sal.
Charlie Mott Thank you to Coach Camron Hauer for giving me opportunities inside and outside of the pool! You are truly a kind-hearted dude, and I appreciate all you do for the community.
Cadence Peery Sal, thank you for making my day every time I see you. It’ll be so weird not seeing and talking to you almost every day. I’ll miss you and keep being your friendly, fun self!
Ethan Porter Señor Gonzalez, thank you for making school fun by telling us your stories that took up most of the class. Without you, I would be very unprepared for my Spanish class next year in college. I’ll miss going to your class every day, hopefully we will meet again to talk about the UFC.
Sean Nguyen Mr. Brusky, thank you so much for recognizing me and my efforts I have exhibited in school. I’m glad that I was able to have you for my last year of high school. I’ve never met a teacher so passionate about their job and kind hearted. I hope you continue doing what you do because you’re doing a great job.
Natalie Ralston SHOUT-OUT TO MS. PELLOW!
Mia Denise Hernandez Sal, one of the most kindest person on this campus. never one to judge and truly cares about every single kid on this campus and for that I’ll miss you next year so thank you for always putting a smile on my face.
Ethan Kfoury Mr. Brusky, you are my all time favorite English teacher, and it has been an honor being one of your students. The materials we studied were very insightful, and you have taught me many things about writing, reading and perspective.
Jett Hamil Coach Sears!
Jared Moline I would like to thank every single one of my teachers from this last semester each one of them made a huge impact on me. Along with my counselor and vice principal who also pushed me to find my potential.
Aaron Childs Coach Sears!
Yodi Carrucciu Ms. Mooers is the kindest teacher ever. Shout-out Sal and Connie too!
Andre Reese Connie, Thank you for always being so nice and uplifting every time I’ve gone to the attendance office. Even if I’m in a bad mood, I always feel better after talking to you.
Aidan Moss LBHS Football Coaching staff, thank you for putting me on the right path and helping me become a better person.
Gavin Zaengle I would like to thanks Mrs. Greco for all the help she gave me when I battled through such a tough course. I truly appreciate it, Mrs. Greco!
Kamran Mohseni Thank you Sal for being such a cool and chill guy! I have never met and encountered such a chill supervisor who anyone can relate to!
Charles Ordaz Thank you, Sal, you were the dad I never had to help me out with the process of maturity among a man. You truly cared about every student at this school: You memorized everyone’s name, what they told you they were excited about, and even a specific driving test date they had. You’re a great guy with great wisdom, and what you have spoken with me has been a great stepping stone into a bright future.
Taylor Towe Senior Gonzales, thank you for being a fun and hardworking teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed walking into your class and being able to talk to you about anything.
Sarah Wong Sal, thank you for making me smile every day!
Kaiyal Das I would like to thank Mrs. Greco because she made a difficult class during senior year fun and not horrible.
Myles Freeman Sal, thank you for bringing a positive vibe to campus every single day. It always brightened my day to say what’s up and I know many students feel the same way. I will miss seeing you next year!
Oliver Thompson Shout-out to the real people on this campus, Sal, Mr. Brusky, Mrs.Moores, and Connie. Every time I talk to you guys or I’m in your class you guys put a smile on my face. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it really helps me through my long days, thanks guys.
Dylan Weeks Mr. Hendro, Thank you for always being such a cool guy. I’ll miss hearing your music before class and seeing you at Circle K almost everyday.
Luke Fazio I would like to thank Mrs. Merritt for pushing me to always do my best.
Noah Landa Mr. Gonzo, thank you for being such a great figure and inspiration. You’ve brought the best out of me and helped me a lot. I’ll see you soon in Costa Rica!
Brandon Yee Thank you Señor Garvey for being there for the beginning and the end of my Spanish journey at LBHS.
Natalie Sutton Mrs. Lundblad, thank you supporting my ideas and helping me achieve them. No doubt, you’ve led me to become such a more confident and bold person. Thank you for your kindness. I’ll miss you next year!
May Chapman Shout out to Ms. Rosa for being the best, most understanding, chill counselor I could ask for!
Samuel Mendoza Mr. Wade is the most dedicated teacher I have ever had. He has always been able to exceed parent and student expectations by going above and beyond.
Nicolas Moore I would love to give thanks to Mr. Brusky. He is one of the most kind people I have ever met, and has made me look forward to coming to a class even though English is my least favorite academic subject. He has gone out of his way to make class as fair and enjoyable as possible.
Tiba Rouhi Thank you Mrs. Hartford for being my biology and anatomy teacher. You have had such a big impact on my desire to pursue medicine and I enjoyed every moment of your class. I will miss you 🙂
Samantha Flores Mr.Mixon, thank you for being so patient and understanding. Without you, I would have never been so open to learn. You’re so caring and give me hope in life.
Lily Gabora I would like to give a shout-out to my amazing case carrier Moya Mitchell for putting up with me for these last three years. Thank you, Moya. You’ve really had a hard time! LOL. I will stay in touch. I love you!
Cameron Kirstein Shout out to Mrs. Merritt for tolerating our class for two years in a row. You made my high school experience unforgettable.
Alyssa Decker Mrs. Quigley and Mrs. Merritt, thank you both for inspiring me and encouraging me to become a teacher and continue in your legacies. I’ll be back to visit you both with my UCI banners post transfer!
Madison Duong Shout-out to both Mrs. Merritt and Mrs. Quigley for being the most patient and understanding teachers. Despite my endless questions and bickering, you two always somehow dealt with me being in your classes for two years. Your classes not only helped me academically but they also helped me grow into the person I am today, and I cannot be more grateful for that.
Cole Curtis Ms. Anderson, thank you for making my U.S. History class the best class I’ve had my entire high-school year.
molly starr
Mason Herr Coach Rus and Coach Garvey, thank you both for recognizing my work ethic, pushing me to become a leader, and trusting me to get the job done defensively. It was an honor to play for both of you over the past four years. I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it weren’t for you two, thank you, for everything.
Caleb Densmore Thank you, Mrs. Brady for all of your guidance and good vibes. Your class was always a great time and we all miss it (6th Period!!). Your love will always be in my heart 🙂
Abigail Roedersheimer Thank you to Mrs. Pilon for supporting me throughout my four years at LBHS, you made me feel comfortable when I was a nervous freshman and confident heading into my senior year. My high school experience would not have been the same if it weren’t for your impact.
Alex Boyd Mrs. Shuelke, the GOAT!
Colin Kidd Señor Gonzo, thank you for creating the best class environment that makes learning fun. Keep making learning fun!
Mara Williams Mrs. Merritt, thank you for being so passionate and invested in the classes you teach. You inspire and encourage all your students and have helped me discover what I want to do as a career.
Sam Garwal Mrs. Greco, thank you for all your hard work you put in for your students. The effort you put in towards helping each student reach their maximum learning capacity inspired me to work hard in your class. Students that take your class are lucky to have you as a teacher.
Chris Hemsley I want to thank Coach Rus for being an awesome coach. You made the last four years a blast.
Hannah Williams Thank you, Mrs. Mooers, for always being there for all of her students and going the extra mile in order to allow us to be our best selves.
Cleo Washer Mr. Tu, thank you for always being there for me. You care for your students outside of the classroom which means a lot to all of us. You are a great teacher as well as a great person. You helped me through junior year and I am forever grateful!
Alea Dillow Mrs. Steel, thank you for reigniting my love for English and reading! AP English Lit is the reason I want to be an English major in college.
Luna Marriner Mrs. Brady, thank you for continuing to fuel my love for history and inspiring me to pursue a career in international relations. You wrote the most touching letter of recommendation and I will forever be grateful to have had such an incredible teacher. I will miss you!
Marlene Schaffer Miss Lux, thank you for saving my butt during my senior year of Calculus. Seriously couldn’t have done it without your help. Please keep helping more students like me in the future!
Cruiz Lynn Ms. Hanson, thank you for being my first teacher in Laguna Beach that help introduce me to school. It would’ve been difficult for me to adjust into a new country, a new school if I didn’t have you had my first in-person teacher (or should I say hybrid teacher). I will be sure to invite you to my very first movie premiere.
Logan Ribarich Shoutout to Sal for keeping our campus safe!
Shoutout to Mrs. Greco for teaching AP Statistics so well!
Sabrina Yang Merritt and Quigley AKA the dynamic duo!!! I would not have survived ap season without your help! Slay!
Chloe Lawson Rico (Bus 9), thank you so much for your dedication to our schools. Your kindness and joy does not go unnoticed. I’ll miss waving to you on my walks home next year!
Makenna Jenal Dear Tim, you’re my favorite. Thanks for fixing my back and other things. I admire your patience with other kids, and I hope you get some Febreeze.
Gage Robben Mr. Todd, thank you for being a teacher that was always willing to find the best in each student. Although I’ve only been acquainted with you for a year I feel we could be friends in the end, maybe even go for a surf sesh. I’ll miss you and your teaching style next year.
Ella Smith I want to shout out Mr. Alvarez for being my funniest teacher this year!
Scarlett Wheaton To Mr. Hendrickson, thank you for seeing my creative ambitions, despite our distance over screen, and making fun opportunities in class for me to write creatively!
To Mrs. Hartford, your class made me love science and by far Anatomy was my favorite class of high school!
Bella Rose Piskun Mrs. Salgado, thank you so much for encouraging me to be my best self. As well as helping me with life challenges. I will miss you next year!
Lila Goldstein Ms. Minguez-Marshall, thank you so much for a fantastic final year of shows! My time in LBHS Drama has been rocky due to 3 different directors across 4 years, and you were by far my favorite.
AJ Rodriguez I’d like to shout out Sal one of the campus supervisors, Sal you were always kind to everyone and I always had a profound respect for you. Thank you for everything you do here at the school and thank you for being so kind to everyone!

Sincerely, AJ.

Hutton Ledger Ms. Mooers, thank you for being such a delightful teacher. You helped me enjoy calculus and get the courage to take AP Calc AB.
James Golden Coach John Shanahan!
Euan Latimer
Thank you Sal for always looking out for my brother and I during our time at LBHS. Wishing you all the best!
Kate Trevino
Ms. Garcia, thank you for being such a supportive and loving teacher. You’ve made high school so memorable to me. I’ll miss being able to see you on campus!
Lauren Trautenberg Thank you Mr. Garvey for always being there for us in AP Spanish Lit. It was a tough year but you made it so much easier. I will always remember and appreciate your commitment and dedication to our class.
Ashton Azadian Coach Garvey, thank you for believing in my hard work and passion. Without you, I doubt I would be continuing my academic and athletic career at UCLA. I’ll miss you next year; you will always be “Coach” to me.
Katelyn Smith
Ms. Selway, thank you for encouraging me to be creative in Ceramics and never give up on my projects. Without you, I would never be able to create such fun and exciting pieces. I’ll miss you next year!
Kate Motherway Mrs. Quigley, thank you so much for helping me succeed in Calc. You were always so positive and encouraging.
Rosabella Murphy
Mrs. Merritt, you have my heart and soul. Thank you so much for putting up with me, teaching me my value and worth, and introducing me to BME. Come visit me in college.
Charlotte Riches
Mr. Alvarez, thank you for being such a passionate and engaged teacher. The energy and joy you bring to class each day is contagious and taking AP government with you as a teacher really helped me dive deeper into my interest in government and politics! Thank you so much and yeow!!
Emmy Regal Thank you Ms. Greco for teaching me Stats. There’s no way I’d be doing it in college without you.
Chloe Duong Mrs. Quigley, thank you for being the best calculus teacher I could ask for. Your “slays” always made my day. I’ll miss you next year!
Ava Roop Mrs. Porter, although I did not get to finish my first year of AP Art with you, I appreciate all of the help with my portfolio and aiding me to success in your class. We all miss you so much!
Sai Machiraju Mr. Shen, thank you for opening my mind to the realm of public service through MUN and AER. I never would have set my sights on Capitol Hill or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue without your inspiration!
Luke Bruderer Every teacher impacted me in some way: Merritt, Brady, Quigley, Park Steel, Brobeck, Alvarez, Hansen, and many other faculty members.
Dempsey Sadler Ms. Hanson, thank you giving me a passion that I didn’t even know I could have!! Art history makes the world make way more sense… everyone should learn it and from her!!!! Teachers who are passionate about what they are teaching make this world go around!
Zoey Cutter Mrs. Hsiao, thank you for always supporting our learning and being so understanding with our learning needs. Your support has helped me succeed and achieve my goals in high school! Please know your dedication and hard work does not go unnoticed and I am incredibly thankful to have had you as a teacher for all four years of high school.
Nate Kuiper Thanks Mr. Todd and Brusky, you guys were my favorite this year.
Tabi McBean Mr. Tu, your math classes have always been my favorite. Thank you for being the reason I understand algebra and for always making class a fun time! You’re the best.
Nina Rogers Sal, thank you for asking me how I am everyday, I am so happy to see you on campus, and I’m going to miss you!
Jackson Flemming Mr. Shen, thank you for being such an important figure in my life throughout high school. You have helped me through so much both academically and personally and I don’t think I would be in the fortunate position I am in today without you.
Emmie Fong Mr Alvarez, thank you for being a good teacher while keeping things interesting.
Sylvie Henry Mrs. Brady, thank you for being the best teacher. I looked forward to your class every morning, and I don’t think I could bear hearing about this country’s history if it weren’t for you! I am going to miss you tons next year!
Baylor Lund Connie, you are the one and only BABE <3 You brighten my day everytime that I see you!
Brooklyn Yelland Thank you to Mr. Todd for making learning about the government and economy very interesting. You always are so understanding and because of this you are admired by many of your students.”
Ophelia Chapman Ms. Merritt, thank you for being such a passionate teacher. Your enthusiasm and commitment inspired me to be an engineering major.
Tash Denny
There are too many people I can’t only choose one. Shout out Connie, Roger, Ms. Marshall, Mr. Mixon, Megan, Mrs. Langraph, Dr. Allemon, Sal, Tim, Bobby, Senior Brusky, and every other staff member who made high school fun!
Chanel Goddard Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Brady, and Mr. Todd were the most genuine teachers I’ve had in high school. They were always supportive and made me laugh the most.
Breea Hobrecht Mrs. Brady, thank you for always being there for me these past two years. It has been amazing to have someone in school who I know I can talk to about anything and be a class I look forward to going to. Hearts and Love!!
Olivia Steiner Mrs. Brooker, thank you for always encouraging me to reach my full potential. Your constant support made an extremely large impact on me, and I’m truly grateful that I had the opportunity to be your student. I don’t think I would have been accepted into my dream school without you, and I’m endlessly appreciative. I’ll miss you!
Lauren Martin
Mrs. Perkins, thank you for being one of the best teachers I’ve had at LBHS and augmenting my love for science. Without you, I doubt I would be on the same path I am today. I’ll miss you! p.s. Say “Hi” to Saige and Frankie for me!
Bianca LoCascio
Mrs. Porter, your class was the reason I did not drop out of school. I will forever be grateful for the kindness and compassion you showed me.
Delaney Cooper
Sal, thank you for always watching out for me and making my day a little bit better. I’ll miss finding you around campus!
Henry Le Mr. Shen and Mr. Todd, thank you for helping me realize my passion for debate and public speaking. You created a classroom where any student can make a plan and become a leader. It is thanks to you both that I always enjoy coming to Tuesday afterschool MUN nights.
Noah Zoller Thank you, Mr. Wittkop, for putting up with all of the shenanigans that go on in your classroom.
Izzy Reichel Thank you Mrs. Quigley for being an amazing teacher of the hardest subject at school!
Marco Wemyss Mrs. Hanson is my queen! I had her for two years and enjoyed her class everyday because she has such an intelligent, mature presence to make the class run well. Plus, she is so real and iconic.
Kai Wynn Mr. Gonzalez, thanks for always putting 100% effort into teaching and always trying for your students. You’ve always done your best to be understanding and meet students where they’re at as long as they’re willing to try too. It’s cool.
Devyn Linder
Mr. Wittkop allowed me to engage in fun and meaningful projects in his class. He was always willing to take the extra time to help me. His class allowed me to be sure of what I wanted to pursue in college.
Brisa Campos To Sal, thank you for your remarkable kindness and compassion you have for every student and always greeting people throughout the day. You’ve always made me and my friends laugh and feel safe knowing we had you looking out for us!
Kirra Moore
Thank you Mr. Todd and Mr. Shen for being such a huge part of my high school career. You have both instilled me with the morals and skills I will need in the future.
Ava Griffiths Mrs. Merritt, thank you so much for letting me crash your class during 5th period tutorial! Although AP Physics was a challenge to say the least, you made it such a joy to attend. I’ll miss you so much!
Sarah Balian Thanks Tim for everything. I doubt my knee would be semi straight without you!
Eleanor Ramsey Ms. Selway, you have been a constant in my life for the past four years and I am forever grateful. You have helped me grow into who I am today, thank you! Sending you big hearts and love always.
Tripton Babcock Mrs. Hsiao, thank you for pushing me to achieve my best I class. Mandarin is a hard language, but you make it easier! I’ll miss you next year!
Isabella Yencho Mr Hines, thank for always being so positive and fun to be around! You never fail to brighten my day. I’ll miss you next year!
Sai Bassett Sal Tamayo, thank you for making every day a good day.
Lauren Short I wood like to shout out Ms. Merritt! Thank you so much for all the work you put in in planning and teaching our lessons. Thank you for pushing me to be my best and showing me all the amazing things you can learn about.
Maximo Cossa Golia Shoutout to Sal for always being positive and being able to remember everyone’s names.
Ryley McDennon Mr. Todd, thank you for being so attentive of my future plans to attend the University of Utah and helping me.
Katie Halvorson Mr. Hendrickson, thank you for everything you have taught me during my time at LBHS. You taught me many things inside the classroom, and outside to become the best version of myself. Thank you again, I wish you the best!
Rachael Dyrnaes Thank you Mr.Tu for not getting me in as much trouble as you could have. You made math just a little bit better.
Pearl Garcilazo A teacher that has made a great impact on me is Mrs. Kaa because she has pushed me to do my best and to reach my full potential.
Lars Doring The staff have all impacted me deeply.
Jordan Schneider
Thank you Mr. Wittkop for such a fun year! Best classroom and class on campus.
Courtney Kolodin Ms. Pellow, thank you for pushing me these last few years in the last four years. We have had our ups and downs and our arguments, but we always push through.
Rehan Ameen Shout out Mr. Todd for being the most impactful teacher in my senior year. Shout out to Coach Shanahan for shaping me into the person I am today.
Fiona McCue
Ms. Quigley, thank you for being the funny, amazing teacher you are! You made my interest in math grow and I will miss being in your class.
Rebecca Storke
Ms. Merz, thank you for going above and beyond. I have learned so much in our time together. I appreciate your continued patience, persistence and support in getting me to graduation.
Carter Ghere Mr. Brobeck, I want to thank you for making English an amazing class to walk into. The selection of books you gave us greatly improved my outlook on life and impacted me forever. You didn’t just teach English, but you taught us how to be adults, I’ll miss you!
Kaydence Daeley Mrs. Kaa, thank you so much for being such a huge support system in my journey through LBHS. You have talked me through some of the toughest situations and I can always count on you to be real with me. Without you, I wouldn’t be as strong and confident as I am today!
Scout Mitchell Mrs. Kaa, thank you for pushing me to see myself for who I am, and pushing me out of my comfort zone.
Ana Mani Thank you to Ms. Gregory for always being the best help throughout all the chaos!
Cameron Sayed To all my teachers, thank you for all your help. It means a lot.
Gracie Christian Mr. Hendrickson, thank you for being the best teacher ever! We’ll miss you next year!
Eden Baghalzadeh
SAL, best staff member out there x100. Sal is like no other staff he genuinely cares for all the students and he notices. He will go out of his way to make sure you are doing alright or even just to say hi. His little acts of kindness go above and beyond.
Uma Bhatia Mrs. Merritt, I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. I have really loved every minute of your classes and I’m going to miss you next year. I think it’ll be very hard to find another teacher in my future as dedicated, enthusiastic, and funny as you.
Livvy Winograd
Sr. Gonzo, thank you for being the most kind and compassionate teacher for my entire high school career. I have enjoyed being in your class from freshman year to senior year!

Note: This list is manually updated as seniors’ responses continue to fill in.