How to have a fun and productive summer!


Abigail Roedersheimer, News Editor

Summer is an excellent opportunity for high school students of all grade levels to get ahead for future careers and/or college without the stress of homework and classes. Volunteering, working a job, taking a community college/dual enrollment class, or standardized testing are some opportunities available to students. 

For juniors, this summer is the most important. 

“It is the last opportunity that a student has to showcase their desires and show where they want to go in the future,” said College and Career Specialist Lynn Gregory.

This can be through internships, college camps, jobs, and the SAT or the ACT. Gregory emphasizes employment or internships. 

“They look for kids who can multitask and do more than one thing. And it shows respect and responsibility that colleges are looking for,” said Gregory. “You learn to be dependable and learn time management. And I think colleges love those skills.”

The College and Career Center recently hosted employers from Slice Pizza, The Ranch, Zinc, The Bead Shop, and Handel’s Ice Cream. Employers highly favor LBHS students and offer an interview to every student who applies. 

Besides employment, academic advancement is also a great option. 

While the local community colleges offer many classes this summer, LBHS offers dual enrollment credit for the Sociology 1 class at IVC, which is entirely online and has no textbook costs. 

“I think it’s wonderful to be able to garner college credit and actually figure out what you like. Anyone interested in humanities and social sciences should look into the course,” said Gregory.

Aryana Mohajerian will attend the UC Berkeley Business Academy for Youth for two weeks in the summer. While living in the dorms, students take various classes, including ones on marketing, corporate social responsibility, and game theory.

I decided to apply because I will major in business, and this program is a great way to expand my business knowledge and experience. I also want to get a feel for college life at Cal,” said Mohajerian.

Selena Hsu participates in CTE and Japanese and CCA courses outside of school. 

“Other than maintaining our GPA, we need to participate more in extra-curriculars, which is what colleges are looking out for,” said Hsu.

“Give it the best that you have,” said Gregory.